3 Destinations for a Digital Detox

25th July 2022

According to a study, 61% of people admitted to being addicted to the internet, saying they spend more time scrolling on their digital screens. Constantly being on the screen can significantly impact the quality of your life and overload your senses which is why digital detox is essential.

A digital detox is intentionally disconnecting yourself from digital devices, including smartphones, computers, tablets, etc., for better mental and physical health. You can spend this period on holiday, enjoying your hobbies, connecting with your family and friends and reconnecting with yourself.

A digital detox allows you to take some time off from the daily stresses of life and completely immerse yourself in nature without stress which is good for your mental health.

Here are three destinations perfect for going on a digital detox trip.


Iceland is one of the perfect destinations for a digital detox trip, thanks to its spectacular scenery. It is one of the most sparsely populated nations in all of Europe, so there is peace and enough space to escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world and appreciate the beauty of nature.

You can rent a car and visit Iceland’s western region to reconnect with nature. You are likely to be the sole vehicle navigating the highways, giving you a better opportunity to enjoy the valleys, snow-capped mountains, and the Atlantic Ocean on one side.

The Blue Lagoon spa would make a perfect place to stay during your digital detox trip in Iceland, and you can enjoy geothermal seawater rich in minerals and silica, luxurious spa treatments, steam rooms, cold plunges and in-water massages. You can also browse their shop and bring home products form their unique skincare line, like the Blue Lagoon bath salt for example. Blue Lagoon also offers guided hikes and other fun activities.



Machu Picchu has one of the best preservations among the several Inca sites in Peru. Additionally, it is in a region that is crucial for the preservation of biodiversity on a worldwide scale. It is home to an extensive range of micro climates, ecosystems, and endemism-rich plant and animal species.

The cosmological view of the existence of the Incas included myths, tales, and everything regarded as sacred. If you visit this tourist destination, you’ll experience new energy and realize why it is renowned for its beauty worldwide.


how to find and rent a long term villa in ubud bali

You could be living in a villa amongst the rice fields like this one.

If your goal is to find peace, the breathtaking landscapes of Bali will give you that. It is a budget-friendly destination with nearly every form of natural beauty, spectacular beaches, and enchanting temples.

The island’s beauty is made up of majestic mountain ranges covered in lush vegetation, picturesque lakes, stunning waterfalls, famous rice fields, flower gardens, gushing sacred rivers, and hidden gorges to enjoy throughout your trip.

Today, screens have become part and parcel of our daily lives and taking a trip for digital detox can help you maintain your sanity and reconnect with your inner self. Would you consider going on a vacation for a digital detox? If yes, which destination would you choose?

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