Top Tourist Attractions in Kuwait

14th April 2022

When it comes to tourist destinations, the Middle East is having a real surge in popularity in recent years. The glorious year-round weather, incredible natural wonders, stunning old and new architecture, all combined with a much more welcoming attitude to tourism, equals a whole lot of eager travellers flying from around the world to visit. Some of the most favoured Middle Eastern countries for tourism include the United Arab Emirates, which has multiple must-see sights, and Egypt, which is the proud home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, The Great Pyramid of Gaza.

One country that is steadily growing in visitors though, is Kuwait, which is definitely one of the underrated jewels of the Middle East. Known officially as the State of Kuwait, the country is located at the tip of the Persian Gulf, where it has Saudi Arabia to the south, and Iraq to the north. Well, we’re here to shine even more of a light on this fabulous country, and showcase some of its top tourist attractions. Maybe, after reading this, you’ll see many reasons why the next place for your travelling adventures needs to be Kuwait.

360 Mall

If you desire to be entertained, then this cultural hub will be right up your street. The 360 Mall first opened in 2009, and it’s now known as the premier shopping experience in the whole of Kuwait. Situated in Zahra, which is just outside Kuwait City, this gigantic entertainment centre derives its name from the circular glass structure that encompasses all the luxury shops, resulting in an amazing 360 dome effect that has to be seen to be believed.

It’s not just shopping that is on offer at this state-of-the-art entertainment centre though, as it also has a 5-star hotel on site that has 300 swanky rooms to stay in. There’s also 15 cinema screens to watch the latest blockbusters, and even amazingly 17 tennis courts, including an ATP approved tennis stadium where some of the best professionals in the world strut their stuff.

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Kuwait City

Kuwait City is home to just over 3 million people, which is more than 70% of the total country’s population. Located almost right slap-bang in the middle of Kuwait, the city is both the cultural and political centre of the country, with more restaurants, cafes, and theatres than anywhere else, sitting right amongst its governmental buildings.

It’s also full of mesmerising attractions that will amaze you. There’s the famous Kuwait Towers, which are three narrow towers that proudly stand staring out at the shimmering blue of the Persian Gulf sea. The main tower stands at an impressive 614 ft. high, and can be seen at night-time from anywhere in the city, due to its ever-changing lights on its massive display orbs.

Another site that’s absolutely worth a visit is the immense Grand Mosque, known locally as the Al-Masjid Al-Kabir. Located in the beating heart of the city, this impressive structure can fit up to 12,000 worshippers on its immense grounds. Its gorgeous Islamic architecture is a beautiful reminder of the religious faith that runs through the country. There is a free tour in English that takes place at 5 PM everyday, which is the best way to get all the insight on this structural masterpiece.

Bait Al-Othman Museum

Kuwait has a fascinating history, and the leading place to help understand and comprehend it is the Bait Al-Othman Museum. Located in Hawally, the insightful museum teaches its visitors about the country’s cultured past, right up until the modern day. There’s many historical artefacts housed inside that allow for hours of browsing and learning.

The museum is arranged so that each separate room is dedicated to a different part of the complex tapestry that makes up Kuwait’s colourful past. So, as you wonder from room to room, you get a complete overview of everything that made the country into the one that you visit today. You’ll definitely leave the grounds being a more educated person than when you went in, which is the true sign of a great museum.

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