South Africa-Unexplored Paradise

23rd December 2021

When we talk about travelling to exotic destinations places like Thailand, Maldives, Philippines, or the Bahamas easily come to mind, but there is one place that is not so popular among tourists.

South Africa remains unexplored paradise for many, however, in the last years, more and more attention has been given to this heavenly place with lots of sunshine and gorgeous beaches. One of the reasons why South Africa has been disregarded for so long probably lies in the fact that it is not so easy to get to and not very affordable.

Why Visit South Africa?

In this country there are more beautiful landscapes within a radius of 10 kilometers than anywhere else in the world so even this would be a good enough reason to visit South Africa. The country has huge grape plantations and extensive fields dedicated to harvesting.

In addition, the Table Mountain located in Cape Town, the green landscapes that the Kruger National Park offers and the whales that can be seen in South African coasts during certain times of the year, are plenty of reasons to visit this heaven on Earth. In addition, South Africa is famous for its climate which is one of the best in the world. With the exception of a few cities in the country and the northern part of South Africa where the weather is a bit fickle, temperatures are ideal throughout the year.

This is a really good reason to visit South Africa, especially during the hot summer months when you can enjoy the bright sunshine. Winter here is mild enough that you can even wear short sleeves. Furthermore, in South Africa you can see wild animals up close and the most convenient place to live this experience are the farms where these animals are raised.

Here tourists can admire the beauty of the species they would never have the chance to “meet” almost face to face. The world famous Kruger National Park is home to rhinos, lions, elephants, buffalos and leopards. The visitors can also admire the beauty of the wild flora and ecosystems.

Gastronomy and Social Life

South Africa offers many options on their food menus that will simply blow your mind away. Here there is a great variety in gastronomy so that no tourist is left unsatisfied. The culinary delights are prepared with vegetables and fruits grown in specialized gardens. South African food is based on dishes made from seafood that you can enjoy at any seaside restaurant.

As for the people, South Africans are a very charismatic, dynamic and culturally varied people that are grouped together under the name known as Braai. They are happy, hard-working, positive and laid-back people, and among them you will surely find friends for life. Entertainment is a big part of their culture and even though they work hard, they certainly find the time to relax and entrain themselves.

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Why is South Africa Unique?

As if all this wasn´t enough, South Africa is the world´s biggest producer of macadamia nuts, gold, platinum, chromium, vanadium, manganese and alumino-silicates. It is one of 12 countries where tap water is safe to drink, the electricity costs are the second lowest in the world and it has the largest hydro-electric tunnel system in the world at the Orange-Fish River Tunnel.

Not to mention South Africa has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Silky soft sands, surfers, beach bars, diverse marine life, and rocky shores are just another reason to visit the beaches of South Africa. Do not miss the beautiful crystalline water of the sea during the summer and the water sports that can be practiced here.

In conclusion, South Africa is a remarkable and unique tourist destination and as such is definitely worth exploring. The only possible downside would be that visiting South Africa is not cheap due to the cost of flights, but once you are there, it is not that difficult to get by without spending a fortune. So, pack your bags and get ready to enjoy!

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