Free Things To Do in Houston for the Whole Family

22nd October 2021

Nothing beats a good vacation, no matter how short. So, taking the whole family on an adventurous trip this summer is such a good idea. It will help everyone to unwind, bond, and restore their enthusiasm for life. But then, the cost can be overwhelming too. This is because Houston is a city filled with exciting things to do and attractions to see. So, that family trip can dig a hole in your bank account. 

But what if we tell you that there are many free things to do in Houston for families? Yes! You can take everyone to have fun but won’t have to pay for the fun. Many of the attractive places and events you might want to enjoy are completely free. 

So, let’s share some of them below. We also encourage you to visit Houstoning for more of the details on having fun without breaking the bank. 

Fun things to do in Houston 

houston park

Spend the day at the Park

We’re not talking of any other but the legendary Buffalo Bayou Park. If you’re in Houston with the whole family, you can’t miss a day at the park. It is a place to soak in the sun and enjoy many activities together as a family. You can go for kayak tours, hike, walk, bike, or even visit other attractive places there. A kayaking adventure will feed your eyes with the greenery decorations of the River Oaks and Memorial Park. It’s a day you mustn’t miss. 

Discover the hidden treasures of Houston 



If you want your family to have fun, take them to the museums. Children are naturally curious, and everything thrills them. So, where best to feed them with knowledge of deep discoveries than at the Museums? Thankfully, Houston has many of them, and you won’t spend money to see them. There’s even the children’s Museum at Binz Street. If you visit the place on Thursday, you won’t pay a cent for access. Also, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is open to the public free on Thursdays too. So, make the most of it. 

Enjoy a day of Nature



A day at the Arboretum & Nature Center can remove all the stress from work, school, business, and city living quickly. Once you’re in Houston, plan a day at the center to reinvigorate your life. The center is at Memorial Park and offers 155 acres of beautiful greenery and natural endowments. Of course, you don’t want to miss the walks and the classes given to visitors. Besides, access is free, but the fun is priceless. 

Skate to your satisfaction 



Do you love skating and want to enjoy it in Houston? Then you’re in for a treat at the Jamail Skatepark. Admission is free, and the whole family can have a fun day skating to their fill. The 30,000 sq. feet park offers the space to enjoy your favorite pastime. You will also learn many things from skaters in the Park about the sport. Your kids can also take classes from the instructors to improve their skills. All you need is to get helmets for the family, and you’re free to visit the Park at Sabine Street. 

Spend a day with the animals 



If you’ve heard about the Houston Zoo, now is the time for a live experience. This zoo houses more than six thousand (6000) animals of all kinds. Some of them are indigenous, while others are from all over the world. The visitors can even feed some of the gentle ones like the giraffe. So, take everyone to meet both the friendly and fiery animals of the world at the Houston zoo. You won’t have to pay for anything if you target every afternoon in the first weeks of September to May. 

Have fun at the theatre



Another free thing to do in Houston is to visit the Miller Outdoor Theatre for all kinds of entertaining programs. The family can enjoy a lot of free musicals, plays, dance, and performances. You won’t have to pay anything. Instead, you can buy your favorite foods, drinks and take your blankets to the outdoor theatre. It is an experience you don’t want to miss. There are stadium seats available, or you can bring lawn chairs to the place. The fun way is to sit on the hill to watch everything happening there. So, plan to visit Hermann Park Dr. when you get to Houston. 




Don’t allow your tight budget to discourage you from spending quality time with the family in Houston. The city has everything you need to have fun without breaking the bank. You can check out the museums, entertain the family at the theatre, spend a day walking, biking, or kayaking at the Bayou Park, or even learn more about skating. Also, don’t forget to visit the zoo and see many animals you never knew existed. 

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