Top Party Towns for the Best Algarve Nightlife

16th July 2021

If you are looking for a place to go with vibrant nightlife, consider traveling to Algarve, Portugal. The Algarve nightlife is far more than many expect, which is why we are recommending it. While Algarve is widely known for its beautiful beaches and incredible food, it also has amazing nightlife in such areas as Faro, Lagos, and Portimao. Keep reading to find out where the best dance clubs, bars, and pubs are in Algarve.

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The capital city of Portugal’s Algarve region is Faro. It is the best-known city in the region. Faro houses an archaeological museum and is home to Bishops Palace, a cathedral that was bombed during World War II and later rebuilt. Roman ruins can be found in nearby Estoi, and Albufeira, which is also close by, is a fishing village where much of the Moor’s influence was felt. It is a cliffside city with stunning beaches and thriving Algarve nightlife. 

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Algarve Nightlife in Faro

Cocktail bars in Faro

Columbus Cocktail & Wine Bar

Ease your way into the party scene by stopping by Columbus Cocktail & Wine Bar where you’ll mix with other fun-seekers while sipping on some of the most creative cocktails in the city. Whether it’s a classic cocktail that you crave or something unique, you’re sure to find it here. Don’t worry, if you don’t drink, you’ll still enjoy the cosmopolitan vibe at Columbus. It is among the best Algarve cocktail bars around!

Varandas Cocktail & Wine Bar

Enjoy the rooftop scene from Varandas Cocktail & Wine Bar. This is often a place where locals flock, and many tourists stumble on. However, if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon it, count yourself lucky. There is a first-level bar where they offer creatively crafted cocktails which you can take with you to the rooftop. It is a friendly, upbeat atmosphere!

Bars in Faro

Bar CheSsenta

Bar CheSsenta is one of the best Algarve bars you’ll come across in Faro. Although small, it packs a punch with nightly crowds, mingling with the sounds of live Indie music. It’s a great place to go with friends for a fun night out, as they offer a popular ‘happy hour’ and karaoke. Whether you spend a few hours at Bar CheSsenta or the whole night, you’re sure to have a good time.

Âncora Bar

Ancora is Faro’s oldest bar, which is certainly worth a visit. Its simple yet welcoming environment is precisely why it’s a favorite amongst locals and visitors to Faro. Unpretentious food and tapas are served along with simple finger food. The bar’s interiors are an architectural marvel, as it looks as though the entire bar was made from one piece of wood. The craftsmanship is as interesting as anything you would see in Ancora. The bar offers live entertainment, drink specials, and guests are welcome to pop by to watch sports on its large screens.

Nightclubs in Faro

Prestige Dance Club

Now, it’s time to make your way to the party scene. Prestige Dance Club is just one among many of the best Algarve nightclubs to visit. Although it is a gay-friendly club, everyone is welcome! If you like to dance, there is no better place to go in Faro to dance the night away. The stunning lights and laser show really add to the energy of the club. Drinks are reasonably priced, and bartenders are very knowledgeable. However, why not let them surprise you with a drink you’ve never had before? You’ll be glad you did!



Portimao is a port city and is known for its busy marina, old quarter, and beaches. Some of its must-see tourist attractions include the Gothic-style Nossa Senhora da Conceição church, Rocha Beach, and the medieval Fort of Santa Catarina de Ribamar. It is considered the largest city in western Algarve and is the centre for sardine fishing. While fishing played a major role in the development of Portimao, it is now tourism that has taken center stage which comes with plenty of Algarve nightlife.

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Algarve Nightlife in Portimao

Cocktail bars in Portimao

The Manhattan Café 

If it’s good enough for the locals, it’s certainly good enough for visitors. This inconspicuously small cocktail bar is a family-owned and operated bar where everyone is welcome. Slightly removed from the hustle and bustle, you can sit back, chill and enjoy the signature cocktails served by the talented team of bartenders at the Manhattan Café. It even offers outdoor seating which is a plus. When you visit, it will be obvious why it is among the best cocktail bars in Algarve that shouldn’t be missed.

Beach Clubs in Portimao


Good atmosphere, good drinks, beautiful people, and amazing music are what you can expect when you visit NoSoloAgua. It is a seaside restaurant and club all-in-one. Come for the food and stay for the party! That’s how it’s done at NoSoloAgua! Take a dip in the pool or the ocean, the choice is yours to make. You won’t find a more lively crowd than the crowd you’ll find here. NoSoloAgua is most widely known for its insane beach parties. Make sure you check it out when you’re in Portimao.

Bars in Portimao

Sunset Bar

Nothing is exciting about the décor at Sunset Bar, but who needs that when you have such beautiful sunsets to marvel at while sipping on your favorite alcoholic beverage? If you’re looking for the best Algarve bars, make sure you add Sunset Bar to your list of must-visit bars. They offer great two for one drink specials and are open seven-days a week, which means you can always grab a seat, drink, and watch the lovely sunset every evening of the week. The warm atmosphere and friendly staff are enough to make anyone want to return time and time again.

The Parlour Irish Bar

The Parlour Irish Bar is a live music venue and bar with local Irishman, Keith Wilson, entertaining the crowds. He just happens to also be the bar’s owner. Guests come for the Guinness but stay for the entertainment provided to them by Keith and other local musicians. The Parlour is a fun and entertaining atmosphere whenever you go, as all sports are shown here (soccer, rugby, GAA, and more). If you’re looking for a great place to grab a beer, kick back, and take in the sights and sounds of the city, the Parlour is sure to deliver.



Located in southern Portugal’s Algarve region, Lagos is known for its cliffs, walled old town, and beautiful Atlantic beaches. Its nearby Ponta de Piedade offers incredible headland views and amazing views of a lighthouse. Lagos is home to Igreja de Santo Antonio, an 18th century, ornate church, and Castelo dos Governadores, a castle with watchtowers and a baroque façade. It’s also the most popular town in the area for the best Algarve nightlife. 

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Algarve Nightlife in Lagos

Sports bars in Lagos

Eddies Bar

Grab a beer and watch a soccer match or any other sporting event you like at Eddies Bar in Largos. The staff at Eddie’s are very accommodating to the guests, as they want you to know they are here to serve you and make sure you have a good time. This small bar/pub is perfect for those who enjoy getting together with a small, friendly group of people for the same purpose of having a good time out. Drinks are among the cheapest you’ll find in Lagos, which is just one of its main attractions. They also have an incredible sound system that lends to its party atmosphere. Eddie’s is a great spot to start and end the night!

McCabe’s Bar

Another fun sports bar that offers Guinness on-tap, pool tables, dartboards, craft cocktails, lagers & bitters, and more. They have five large screens where all sports are shown. There are attentive bartenders and a wait staff ready and willing to accommodate any of your requests (within reason). Make sure you ask about the daily drink special too. The owner is on hand to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves, and he is known for being quite the character. That alone is worth a visit to McCabe’s Bar.

Cocktail bars in Lagos

The Star

The Star is just an all-around great place to go for live music, quiz nights, drink specials, and Karaoke. What more can you ask for? Whether you’re a regular or not, you’re always made to feel as though you are whenever you step foot inside the Star. Everyone is made to feel like they are VIP status. Many who visit the Star comment that it is the best Algarve club they have visited, but we’ll let you be the judge!  

Bars in Lagos

Shaker Bar 

Add to the list of all-around great bars in Lagos, Shaker Bar. It is a warm and inviting environment offering a great mix of music, specialty drinks, and sports viewings. Cocktails are reasonably priced all-year-round, and there are always drink specials being offered. It is obvious from the moment you walk through the door that you are at the right place. Everyone greets everyone whether they work at the bar or not. It is a must on your trip to Algarve.

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The Algarve nightlife is thriving, but where are the best dance clubs, bars, and pubs for the ultimate night out? These are the best Algarve party towns.

The Algarve nightlife is thriving, but where are the best dance clubs, bars, and pubs for the ultimate night out? These are the best Algarve party towns.

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