Season Pass: Tips for Camping in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

7th July 2021

The beautiful part of packing up the camping tent and heading into the great outdoors is that it’s a year-round activity.

There are adventures, locations and experiences unique to each season, but it is essential to be adequately prepared. Here are some tips to make the most out of your camping experience, no matter the season. 


When the sun is shining brightly in the sky, you should make full use of it. Solar technology has come a long way, and you get highly portable options that will enable you to power appliances, charge your devices and enjoy some of the creature comforts of home in the middle of the outback.

Some of these new technologies include foldable panels that can be stashed in a hiking pack, flexible options that can mould to the roof of your vehicle, camper van or RV and even wearable solar panels that will charge your devices while you explore.

Having access to this power isn’t just a luxury; it is a modern-day safety essential, so you will always have access to communications, light and radio broadcasts. This is especially important in summer as large parts of the country have their wet season in the hotter months, and being prepared is essential. 


The best tip we can offer for Autumn is to consider making this the time of year you go camping all of the time. We are blessed in Australia with the best weather at this time of year, nice and warm during the way with a lovely chill in the evening that just demands a (safe) campfire. 

You will find the insects will disappear with the summer heat, the daytime temperature is perfect for all outdoor activities, and you won’t wake up to a sweltering tent or have to endure shivering through the night. 

Just ensure you pack suitable clothing for all temperaments, so you are not caught out when the warm afternoons make way for chilly evenings.


Just because the mercury has plummeted doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great outdoors. This opens the door for new exploration opportunities like forging a trail through Australia’s best winter destinations. Alternatively, if you venture towards the northern end of the country, you will find warmer weather and opportunities without the traffic and fights for the best camping spots.

Bear in mind that your standard camping tent will not be ideal if you do plan on venturing to destinations like the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. There are many winter expedition tents available for alpine expeditions, so they are light enough to hike with and comfortable enough to sleep through the night time chill.

If you are not planning on hiking much, there are more extensive options available to allow the use of a stove inside, which will generate much-needed warmth.


Inspect all of your camping gear, including your tent(s). While some intrepid explorers will go camping during winter, the chances are you have spent the colder months safely at home. 

Just like a parachute, you should never assume your camping gear is 100 percent ready to go after sitting in storage for months on end. Insects could have chewed their way through the fabric or ropes, mould may have set in, or there may just be some damage leftover from summer that was not attended to.

This is an excellent time to replace all of the batteries in devices like radios and replenish or replace your first aid kit. Spring is the time of new beginnings, so consider it the perfect time of year to refresh all of your camping supplies as well.

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