Planning Your Once in a Lifetime Island Vacation

7th July 2021

When you have been working hard all year, you deserve a wonderful vacation. The endless hours of toil and the drudgery of boring emails, mind-numbing meetings and long task lists have to give way to a couple of weeks of fun in the sun. After months of putting your nose to the grindstone, you can brighten up your life by mapping out your dream journey to a beautiful island destination. Life is too short to not reward yourself with a truly memorable, once in a lifetime vacation.

You could spend your entire life traveling to the different islands of the world. There are tropical gems where you can soak in the sun, rocky forested offshore isles in the Pacific Northwest and Caribbean delights with new cultures to explore. A trip to any island could be a magical adventure, but if you are looking for a once in a lifetime journey then two stand out among the rest, Hawaii and New Zealand.

Immerse Yourself in the Experience

Brac Island

Vacation days are precious, especially if you live in the United States. Americans usually get an average of 10 days off per year, and often have to wait until they’ve been working for the company for 12 months to accrue the paid time off. When you travel to different places around the world, you might meet Europeans who are visiting your same destination. They’ll be astonished at your paltry benefits, since they often get 38 days of paid time off per annum. Even if your vacation days are not as lucrative as the European plan, when you visit your dream destination, you’ll want to be sure to go for more than a week. It takes time to shed the frantic work-world energy and let your body adjust to the island way of life. You’ll want to have the time you need to just relax and chill, island-style.

Paying for Your Great Adventure

whitsunday islands bay

Once you’ve selected your island destination, make sure you spend time researching the most affordable packages and options for your getaway. Often, you’ll find the best prices are available if you book well in advance. You will want to make sure your finances are in order so you can quickly book the bargain rates when they become available. If you truly want to experience a memorable travel experience, it’s a great idea to take out personal loans to pay for the whole excursionv. When you apply for a personal loan and get approved, you will have the money in advance and can easily pay for your vacation adventure over time.

Enjoying the Tropical Paradise of Hawaii

Hawaii which island to visit Kauai


Although Hawaii is part of the United States, it’s truly a land of myth and magic. As you fly to Hawaii you’ll be over water for hours. Then, as you are told to prepare for landing, you’ll look out the window in awe as you see magnificent green emeralds of land rising majestically from the sea. When you disembark, you’ll be given a lei of flowers and welcomed by the Hawaiian people. Hawaii has a lifetime of spectacular settings, hidden beaches and soaring mountains to explore. If you are on the Big Island at certain times of year, you can actually go skiing on a volcano in the morning and then surfing in the ocean in the afternoon. The warm white sand beaches and stunning sunsets will take your breath away. On Maui, you can enjoy the jungle road to Hana and explore the seven sacred pools and the red sand beach.

Exploring the Splendor of New Zealand

If you want to experience a once in a lifetime journey to the other side of the world, you should consider traveling to New Zealand. These islands will mesmerize you and open your soul to the wonder and magic of the land. There are stunning cities to explore and the people are wonderful and friendly. The South Island of New Zealand is especially spectacular. In a single day itinerary, you could start the morning with a hike in a meadow at the 12,000-foot-tall Mount Cook. From there you’ll come to pristine lakes and flowing rivers where glacial silt creates the most stunning color you will ever see. You’ll drive through rolling hills on roads lined with wildflowers, and come to a tropical rain forest where you can hike to a waterfall. Further up the road, you’ll find a charming town with a glacier where you can hike and explore.

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