6 Tips for Visiting Turkey with Your Kids

8th June 2021

Turkey, thanks to its diverse nature and lots of attractions, serves as a perfect destination for families, solo travelers, couples, and groups of friends. Planning a trip to Turkey with children may sound like a challenge at first. But, if you prepare beforehand, you can be sure to have an amazing time!

If you’re visiting Turkey with children it’s best to plan ahead and adjust the attractions you pick to each member of the family. Kids are a real last moment plan changer, so make sure to have multiple options prepared in advance to avoid unexpected twists and turns.

Depending on how old are your children, you will be able to take on different attractions. Exploring a history museum for three hours straight would be quite a challenge with a 2-year old who needs to be entertained a bit more.

Read on to find out what are the best tips for visiting Turkey with kids and plan your trip today!

1 – Be flexible with your travel plans

Several kids-friendly destinations should be added to your Turkey travel bucket list. You can visit Eyüp in Istanbul, a theme park with rides and roller coasters, or head towards Bayrampasa to experience sea life at a closer angle.

Both places are equally enthralling and captivating. Another electrifying destination to enjoy with kids is the Legoland Discovery Center at Bayrampasa.

But can we call kids ‘KIDS’ if they don’t throw tantrums once in a while? Despite the place you’re currently exploring, such mood swings can ruin your trip if you are not prepared for it. So, be ready for sudden changes by keeping the plan open to multiple options!

Make sure that the location you plan to visit is providing numerous attractions to try. You can then freely switch between the activities.

2 – Don’t forget to get e-Visas for you and your children

Many foreign travelers willing to visit Turkey need to obtain a visa. Check if you’re a national of a country that must get it in advance and apply for its electronic equivalent, Turkey e-Visa.

You can choose from two available e-Visa types: single-entry or multiple-entry. Holders of the first one can stay in Turkey up to 30 days, while the second e-Visa allows a 90-day stay each time. The price depends on the applicant’s nationality and can be either 69, 99 or 129 Euro.

Please remember that all kids need to have their individual e-Visas even though they are assigned to the passport of a parent. You should make an e-Visa application on behalf of your children. Apply at least 3 business days before your trip to Turkey on https://visa-for-turkey.com/!

3 – Jot down a packing list

Whether your kids are teenagers, toddlers, or infants, there are no short items to pack when planning a trip with children.

Different medicines are a one ‘Kids Essential’ item that cannot be skipped on your packing list. Keep anti-fever, anti-cough, stomach ache medicine and of course travel size hand sanitizer wipes to stay safe and relaxed while on your trip.

Making a list will certainly help keeping track of all the things you should take. Once you’re all packed, start checking if you have each necessary item. That way, you can be sure to be prepared.

Another thing that needs to be taken into account when packing is the country’s climate. Turkey has quite the opposite weather conditions in different months, so check the weather and the temperature range for the time and area you plan on visiting.

4 – Keep your kids busy

kids turkey swimming

Children get easily agitated if they do not find a company or their favorite activity to perform. Make sure to choose a resort for accommodation that has a kids’ activity area.

It’s best to also prepare puzzle books, craft items, painting sheets, storybooks, board games, and other items of their interest to keep them engaged.

Don’t forget to keep swimsuits in your bag as kids never say NO to swimming. Swimming with other kids will also help them interact with their age mates and level up the fun. Try to keep them busy all the time!

5 – Get Kids’ Discounts

Discounts are a ‘MUST’ when it comes to traveling with kids. Fares for airlines, buses, subways, and the entry tickets for the historical destinations; all carry special discounts.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a kids’ discount when roaming around Turkey. Kids-friendly stay deals are also available at numerous resorts, so research extensively to enjoy some great discounts. You can save a lot of money!

6 – Make kids learn their contact information

Turkey is quite a family-oriented and friendly country to stay in. One feels safe and comfortable exploring any Turkish city. However, things can be troublesome if your kid loses the path on the trip.

Prepare your children well for such a situation by taking some basic safety measures. Write the passport number, your native country, and your phone number on a paper slip and put them in their pocket. Tell them to show this piece of information to any adult they see to help them find you.

If your child is in his teens or has grown old enough to memorize things, then ask them to learn the Turkish Police phone numbers and your contact numbers by heart. You can also write these numbers and information down, and make sure the kids have it with them at all times.

Give them the confidence to contact local authorities in the case of an emergency to avoid any unforeseeable circumstances.

Final words

Turkish people are very welcoming and accommodating, so do not feel hesitant to ask them for help. Choose kid-friendly parks and destinations to keep your children excited and engaged. Booking family tours will be a WIN-WIN situation as they are tailored perfectly for your kids’ needs.

Follow our tips and make your stay in Turkey as pleasant and trouble-free as possible! Don’t  forget to get e-Visas for you and all your young travel companions!

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