Places You Need to Visit When in Japan

28th April 2021

Japan should be on your list of countries to visit if you plan to travel the world. The country has a rich history that dates back thousands of years.  Many people come back again and again because of the scenery and the culture surrounding Japan. 

One of the main draws of Japan is that the people are ultra-polite. Moreover, the travel between places is efficient, fast, and convenient, especially if you want to tour around the country in a short time. But of course, this can be very costly. We suggest you pick the top-rated spots by previous tourists if you don’t have a big budget. Choosing destinations can be tricky however, since there is a lot to see in Japan. 

Don’t fret, though, as we will help you pick the places you should visit first in Japan. If you can, we encourage you to go to a lot more places when you have the time and money. That said, here are some places in Japan that you need to visit first.


One of the places you should visit first is Kyoto. Kyoto is a magnificent city where you can truly immerse yourself in Japanese culture. At first glance, Kyoto can be a bit disappointing due to the tall skyscrapers and city lights. However, that is not all that it has to offer. 

While downtown Kyoto has an urban feel, you can go to the outskirts of town to truly see the old traditions of Japan. There, you’ll witness what ancient Japan was like because of the geishas in brightly colored kimonos, bamboo forests, wooden teahouses, temples, etc.

Interested in studying geishas? Try going to Gion, where many geishas reside. Higashiyama and Arashiyama should be your go-to simply because of the number of beautiful temples you can see on the hills. However, these spots are popular. That’s why it would be best to go during the early mornings where there’ll only be a few people present in the place.


Surely you have seen it in Japanese media or vlogs: the famous and chaotic criss-crossing pedestrian crosswalk called “Scramble Crossing,” where a lot of foot traffic is condensed in a single spot. It is, without a doubt, one of the favorite spots you should try visiting when you’re in Shibuya. Fun fact: the number of people who cross the famous Scramble Crossing every day is estimated to be 2.8 million. You should snap a pic or two as you cross!

But that’s not the only spot you should visit in Shibuya. The place is teeming with clothing stores from different brands worldwide. If you’re into fashion, you might have heard about this once or twice before. If not, you should still check it out due to the number of shopping malls around the area.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is one of the most famous mountains in the world! The majestic mountain, which is 3776 meters tall, is Japan’s highest point. Throughout the years, Mt. Fuji has been celebrated in both literature and art, and back in 2013, it was recognized as having a world cultural significance by UNESCO. 

The best thing about Mt. Fuji is that it’s an easy climb that even beginners can do. You’ll only need the basic supplies as there will be stopping points where different shops are located.

It will be crowded, but the experience is still worth it. Most people start their ascent from the base. But you can go hiking halfway through the mountain if you want to save some time. It will only take you six or more hours to climb to its peak from the halfway point. 

However, if you do want to start your ascent on the base, it’s advised to begin in the afternoon so you can spend the night at one of the mountain huts designed for tourists. You can then continue your climb during the early morning so you can catch the sunrise at the peak.


This spot in Japan is known for being the country’s main cultural draw. While the district is home to many temples, you can also see the world-famous Senso-Ji temple and its surrounding shopping district. The place is also near the Tokyo Sky Tree and the Asahi Beer Hall. This is convenient if you won’t have a drink after visiting all the temples and the shopping district.

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Something to Remember

Japan is a place you should visit if you’re touring around the world or at least planning to visit Asia. The places mentioned above are must-see destinations that will help you immerse yourself deeply into Japanese culture, experience its traditions and of course eat plenty of fresh Sushi

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