Accommodation Options In Hobart And Activities You May Enjoy

28th April 2021

If you are planning for your next vacation in Australia, Hobart would be a great choice. Why Hobart, you ask?

Here’s why.

Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania, Australia. This city has moderated winters and tempered summers (see here), which are perfect if you do not like too hot or too cold places. They have sandy beaches, breathtaking views from the mountaintop, and a lot more picturesque, instagrammable beauties.

You don’t have to worry about your stay there because there are a lot of great places where you can stay and also a variety of food and beverage establishments that you can choose from!

Accommodation Options In Hobart

While it might not be one of Australia’s major cities, you still have plenty of options for places to stay in Hobart. You may choose either depending on your budget, or your preferred location, or the types of products and services they offer. Whatever is the determinant of your choosing decision, the following are your options:


Most commonly, if people go for a vacation, the first choice for accommodation would be a hotel. This is because hotels provide comfortable rooms and complete amenities. Also, they have a restaurant so you would not worry about your food and a bar for you to enjoy your night. You may also ask for room service if you feel like eating in your room. Some also have casinos and other recreational activities that you may enjoy other than outdoor activities.

Take note also that in choosing a hotel, you also have to choose from the different standards. Some hotels are luxurious, thus making it expensive, and some hotels are simple (Hotels are classified either with a star rating like five-star hotels, four-star hotels, etc. or by letter grading like class A hotels, class B hotels, etc.). They are classified depending on the number of rooms they have, the services, facilities, and amenities they offer, and the recreational activities available.

Following is a list of some of the hotels in Hobart :

  • Crowne Plaza
  • Customs House Hotel
  • Hadley’s Orient Hotel
  • Hotel Grand Chancellor
  • Islington Hotel
  • Lenna of Hobart
  • Macq 01 Hotel
  • Macquarie Manor
  • Mantra Collins
  • Moss Hotel
  • Prince of Wales Hotel
  • Salamanca Wharf Hotel
  • The Brunswick Hotel
  • The Henry Jones Art Hotel
  • Travelodge Hotel Hobart
  • Vibe Hotel Hobart
  • Wrest Point

The list is in alphabetical order. You may check the website of each accommodation Hobart can offer for you to have specific details that you need. This includes rates and reservation process, amenities, services, and more!


There are plenty of things that make apartments different from hotels. Apartments are ideal for a large group of travelers or for those who want to have private sleeping areas/rooms but want to be in one place with the group. Also, apartments have kitchens where you can cook and a laundry area where you can wash your clothes, things that you cannot do in hotels.

However, in apartments, you will be the one responsible for clearing and washing your dishes, cleaning your tables, and making up your bed. Unlike in hotels where you can have the housekeeping personnel to clean your room for you and you don’t have to wash dishes since the restaurant personnel will take care of it all.

List of apartments in Hobart:

  • 105 Mac Unique Apartments
  • 110 Hampden Apartments
  • Graham Apartments
  • Grosvenor Court Apartments
  • Heathfield Apartments
  • Hobart City Apartments
  • Kangaroo Bay Apartments
  • Sanctum Boutique Apartments
  • Sullivans Cove Apartments
  • Trinity Hill Apartments


Other accommodations in Hobart include Inns, Villas Bed and Breakfast, and other self-catering accommodations. When we say self-catering accommodations, it means that you prepare your meal, you clean the place, etc. This has an advantage compared to other accommodations because it’s like being at home. You may also bring visitors anytime. Following are some examples of self-catering accommodations in Hobart:

  • Discovery Parks
  • Grand Old Duke
  • Maison Del Mar
  • Mantra One Sandy Bay Road
  • Million Dollar Views
  • MONA Pavilions
  • Old Bishop’s Quarters
  • Portsea Place
  • Somerset on the Pier
  • Werndee
  • Quest Savoy
  • Quest Trinity House
  • Salamanca Suites

Activities You May Do In Hobart

hobart cruise

Now that you have ideas about the different accommodations in Hobart, it’s time to check the activities you can enjoy in your stay there. Following are some:

City Tour

You may have your DIY city tour itinerary by just checking great places on google and go there by yourself, or you may also check the services of tour operators where you can buy tour packages.

If you buy a tour package, it usually includes lunch already, and you have your tour guide to show and give facts/trivia about certain places. This is especially when the tour is in cultural places and museums where artifacts and other historical things can be seen. It is better if we have a tour guide with us to explain things and answer if we have questions.


Hobart also takes pride in its Bays and river, where you can go for a cruise and glide through the city to explore the beautiful places. Also, if you go cruising, you may either buy a cruise package with lunch or with dinner. Some cruises serve food from freshly caught seafood prepared in front of the tourists.


Hobart also has Mt. Wellington, where you may experience how the majestic views can take your breath away. You may hike going up, or you may drive, but the driver should be skilled enough since the road is very challenging. You may also go biking going to the park on the mountain peak. This is a fun activity and at the same time a good exercise.

Other than Mt. Wellington, there are also other mountains you may go hiking, like Mt. Field, and you may also explore the beauties of Richmond and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.


Along with enjoying the sandy beaches, you may also go kayaking. By doing so, you may explore more the bay and the caves nearby.

Aside from the outdoor activities mentioned, you may also enjoy recreational activities offered in the place where you will be staying!

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