A Guide to Staying at Selina Tulum Hostel on the Beach -Mexico

15th March 2021

Today, we’ll be talking about the magnificent Selina Tulum Hostel based in Mexico. But before we get into the nitty-gritty of this tourist hotspot on the seaside, let’s get a couple of distinctions out of the way.

Maybe you’re a tourist, and you’re probably thinking, “Why a hostel?”, “Aren’t hotels better?.” Well, these questions are valid as most people have misconceptions about hostels. Hostels are thought of to be dirty, grumpy, cheap, and places where people go when they’re broke with no place to stay. 

At Selina Tulum Hostel, all these fears are non-existent. Whether you’re on alone vacation or your family’s tagging along, this beachside hostel is the right fit. 

Want to know why? Please don’t take your reading glasses off as we aim to explore the details that are sure to give you that memorable experience at this tourist hotspot.

What to Know Before Heading for Selina Tulum

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Selina Tulum, in all ramifications, is the perfect seaside destination for tourists as it features shops, restaurants, and other attractions that are pocket-friendly. However, before you make a reservation at the hostel, here are some tips that are sure to come in handy;

Hire a Bike 

To get around Selina Tulum quickly, you’ll need to hire a bike. With so many bike rental stores available to cater to your needs, hiring a bike isn’t as strenuous as you think.

Make Use of Pesos

Although most stores and shops all around Selina Tulum accept the American Dollar and the Mexican Pesos, you must exchange the former for the latter to avoid paying a premium for products and services.

Buy a Local Sim Card

Buying a local sim card is crucial as most cellular services charge astronomically for their “out-of-country” rates. At Selina Tulum, you can easily buy a local sim to browse your favorites sites and social media apps.

Use Bank ATMs

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) abound at this tourist hotspot. Although it’s tempting to use any ATM you come across, make sure to use the ones located in banks to avoid being a victim of skimming. 

Be Cautious When Crossing the Road

In Mexico generally, it’s important to note that pedestrians never have the right of way. Although some drivers might stop and wave at you to cross, others are always in a hurry. Therefore, you must stay vigilant to avoid accidents.

While this list isn’t exhaustive by any chance, they’re essential regardless. Arming yourself with the above tips is crucial to having a memorable experience at Selina Tulum.

Selina Tulum Hostel: A Brief Overview

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What’s your nose picking up? Well, it’s the fragrant smell of mashed copal that’s almost everywhere at Selina Tulum. Located right in the middle of other tourist hotspots like the ancient Tulum Ruins and the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, this hostel lives up to the billing.

Getting to the Selina Tulum Hostel

Selina Tulum is a central tourist hot zone in Mexico, and it’s only normal that access to this beachside is seamless and hitch-free. 

By car, the Cancun international airport to Selina Tulum is a 90-minute drive. Once you’ve landed, take a car, bus, or taxi.

If you’re more of a road trip person, you can take an ADO bus from Cancun, Merida, or Playa Del Carmen, to Tulum. Tulum to Selina Tulum takes about 15 minutes. Here you can take a taxi after agreeing on a set price.

Whatever the case, make sure you choose the option that accentuates your needs.

What to Expect at the Selina Tulum Hostel

Here, tourists can expect to get the very best bordering on customer services. Also, there are lots of amenities to enjoy. 

Fitted with a restaurant, this hostel also features an outdoor pool and a microwave in the lounge. Are you looking for steady internet service? Well, Selina Tulum has got you covered as free WiFi is available in rooms and public areas.

Accommodation-wise, all the rooms come with air-conditioning systems and fans. Also, these rooms feature designs that are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. 

Another significant component of this hostel is its housekeeping. Now, tourists can request beddings anytime they want. Other hostel amenities include;

  • Yoga Lessons
  • CoWork
  • Tour Desk
  • A Beachfront
  • Shared Kitchen
  • Live Music
  • Contactless Check-in
  • Wellness Area
  • Parking Lots

Accommodation at Selina Tulum Hostel

The Selina Tulum Hostel hosts different accommodation types to meet the needs of every individual. They include;

  • The Suite(Ocean View)
  • The Micro
  • The Loft
  • The Suite(Garden View)
  • The Standard
  • Teepee Standard
  • Family Room
  • 6 Bed Community Room
  • 10 Bed Community Room
  • 10 Bed Female Community Room

All these accommodation types are all priced differently. Here, choose the one that accentuates your budget.

First Time in Selina Tulum? Engage in These Fun-Filled Activities

Selina Tulum 1

You can’t spend your whole vacation at the hostel, can you? To make your visit memorable, you need to try out new things and visit new places. Here, we’ll be giving you insight into some activities you can try out even when you’re on a budget at Selina Tulum. They include;

Visit the Playa Paraiso 

5.2km from Selina Tulum, the presence of powdery sands and rows of palm trees creates that “perfect” beach scenery.

Try out Mexican Food

There’s no point visiting Mexico without trying out the local delicacies on show. From classic tacos to delicious marquesitas, foodies are in for a life-changing experience.

Visit Hidden Cenotes

These natural swimming caves are a “go-to” spot for all tourists. Diving, snorkeling, and swimming are the significant activities present in these prime spots.

Visit the Ancient Mayan Ruins

For lovers of archeology, this site is sure to teach you the cultural and historical aspects of Tulum.


There you have it! With these pointers that adequately capture everything concerning the Selina Tulum Hostel on the beach, your next vacation here should be fun, exciting, intriguing, and memorable.

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