The Best Places to See in Malawi

27th February 2021

Nested in the south-eastern part of Africa, Malawi is also known as the “Warm Heart Of Africa.” It is a beautiful gem with plenty of great things to see. Friendly people, picturesque scenery, diverse wildlife, rich culture, impressive mountains, and beautiful lakes are some things that make Malawi a lovely country to visit.

Although a small country in comparison to others, Malawi is blessed with many natural wonders. One of the biggest attractions is Lake Malawi, Mulanje Mountain, and several great national parks.

There are also game reserves, charming villages, and bustling towns to see, so Malawi has something nice for any visitor.

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Top Places To Visit In Malawi

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Among the many attractions, the following are just a few of the best places to visit in Malawi:  

1 – Lake Malawi National Park 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lake Malawi National Park is full of extraordinary things to see. Nature lovers, adventurers, and history buffs should undoubtedly visit this vast park to see and learn many new things.

Green hillsides surround the largest lake of Malawi, where you can admire some unique fish species. In the park, you can also see antelopes, baboons, and other animals, as well as find old settlements with an exciting history.  

2 – Mulanje Mountain Forest Reserve

This breath-taking forest reserve close to the Mozambique border is well worth the visit. The highest peak of the mountain is around three thousand meters high, from where you can enjoy some fantastic sights.

A wide variety of species can be seen all around the mountain. Make sure you explore the numerous ridges and hidden corners to see some scarce endangered species and admire their beauty. 

3 – Kasungu National Park

Kasungu National Park

This national park covers a large area of over two thousand square kilometers. Dusty plains, rich savannah, and extensive woodland are some things you can explore and see here.

There are many lodges inside the park, and numerous safari excursions are available for watching beautiful large elephants and other animals that inhabit the park. 

4 – Nkhotakota

The wildlife reserve in Nkhotakota is very popular and one of the most visited places by tourists. It is situated in the central part of Malawi and is characterized by scenic woods, winding rivers, and wide spaces to explore.

There are plenty of safari lodges to stay and relax in, from where you can go on excursions to watch tropical birds, see buffalo, elephants, and leopards. 

5 – Mzuzu

Located in the northern part of Malawi, the city of Mzuzu is the biggest settlement in the region. An exciting city where you can mix with locals, check out some lovely local markets ,or go on day trips and excursions in the area close to the city.

The city itself has some beautiful botanical gardens to see, but there are also many nice forests, hills, and national parks that can be explored nearby. It is a unique city with attractive things for all types of visitors, so take your time and explore it thoroughly. 

Final thoughts

Malawi is waiting for you to discover it! Pack your bags, plan your journey, and explore this very excotic and exciting country.

Go on a safari trip and see how elephants, lions, hippos, buffaloes, monkeys, and many other animals look like up-close, or simply relax and charge your batteries while admiring the imposing views!

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