Picturesque Cities in Asia That Are Perfect For Digital Nomads

24th January 2021

At present, the trend of traveling to different places while working at the same time has grown exponentially. Thanks to the remote working platforms, many people are now living a digital nomad lifestyle.

More and more working professionals are getting into digital nomading. This gives a lot of opportunities to those working professionals to have a better quality of life without confining themselves in a traditional office setup. Hence, the work-life balance. Therefore, visiting different countries from time to time is possible.

For once, countries in Southeast Asia are among the most famous hot-spots for thousands of digital nomads. Tour around Vietnam, India, or Thailand, and you can see vacationing professionals with their laptops on standby. But aside from the endless leisure spot, Southeast Asia is just postcard perfect.

If you’re thinking of starting a nomadic lifestyle, these regions can be your first choice as we showcase all their picturesque cities perfectly suited for digital nomads.


Sawadee ka! Welcome to the land of smiles, Thailand! There’s no doubt that we put Thailand as the first country on the list. Thailand has long been known as a famous hub for all digital nomads and for a very good reason.

One is the low cost of living, the internet connection is impeccable (we mean, it’s super fast), the locals have a high quality of life, and it’s also known to have built many co-working spaces perfect for digital nomads to work from. Not to mention, local nomads set up weekly meetups to connect. This makes it easier to build a network.

Perfect cities to spend and capture stunning photos in Thailand are Chiang Mai, Raileh, and Sukhothai. If you love swimming and spending some days under the sun, sip the local concoction while checking your mails at the Phi Phi Islands.


No more idle talk, and let’s move on to Vietnam! While Thailand is an easy choice for every digital nomad, Vietnam can be the next best option. Ho Chi Minh is primarily becoming a super city and hub spot for nomads.

The vibrant and energetic city of Ho Chi Minh makes it easy for digital nomads to flock. Not to mention, every corner of the city is flooded with coffee shops. Thanks to the coffee culture of Vietnam, all coffee-lovers can spend their entire day here.

You can spend your afternoon watching the beautiful and considered the most picturesque sunset at Ha Long Bay during off days. The place is very popular for many tourists so if you want to have a good view, you can rent or join a tour to ride boats along the river.


The home of the beautiful and magnificent Petronas Tower, Malaysia. If you ask us, Malaysia can attract backpackers and digital nomads easily. The food is incredible, the rent is cheap, which is very important for a nomad, and the city is a hub designed for the tech-savvy.

For one, the Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), Kuala Lumpur, is perfect for every digital nomad to connect and discover more about the industry. Furthermore, the internet in Kuala Lumpur is undeniably fast despite its low price.

Nomads that have an active lifestyle can venture out and climb the renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mount Kinabalu, or discover the caves and the colorful steps at Batu Caves in Selangor. If you want to enjoy a calm and serene place to attend to your work emails and answer calls, spend a day or two at Perhentian Islands. Many tourists and nomads claim that the connection is excellent.


The last country that every digital nomad should visit or even spend some time in is Indonesia. The country has long been known as one of the most popular touristic places as it boasts a greener and lush environment. It’s the home of the famous “Gates of Heaven,” which can be found in Bali.

Many digital nomads spend longer than they should in Indonesia after discovering what the country holds. Local cities such as Ubud and Canggu are one of the few places fit for a nomadic lifestyle. The area is calm and silent, allowing nomads to work in peace. Internet connection is good as well, ranging between 6-20mbps, depending on your network of choice.

Quick Financial Reminder:

When you decide to start nomading, there’s only one thing that might keep you up all night, and it’s the expenses. Undoubtedly, keeping up with the nomadic lifestyle is no easy feat.

Before you go, file for a personal loan as your backup fund. Make sure that everything is explained to you, including the payment terms and the interest. Also, since you’re basically out of your residence most of the time, make sure to establish how you’ll be going to pay your monthly repayments.

Remember, being a digital nomad requires balancing your work and personal life. If you dwell too much on laid back moments, you might find yourself back again at the four corners of your room.

Final Thoughts

Getting on the lifestyle of being a digital nomad isn’t easy. However, despite the challenges that every nomad faces, the experience is all worth it. You get to travel, eat different foods, meet different people, and have a better connection with your life. You also get to embrace that there’s life after work.

However, you can only enjoy all of these if you’re smart and responsible. Digital nomading isn’t for everyone, but if you get the hang of it, you get to enjoy the liberty it offers.

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