Luxurious Spots In Australia For The Perfect Escape

26th December 2020

On a yearly average, Australia receives about 9.3 million tourists, according to Camper Champ. This number dropped in 2020, but only by about 2.6 million — meaning that not even challenging times can halt people who seek to explore beautiful vistas. It just so happens that Australia truly is the home of not just beautiful sights, but highly luxurious spots that travelers can escape to for peace and rejuvenation. So what are some of the most beautiful spots? 

Kangaroo Island’s Nature-Bound Luxury

As Australia’s third-largest island, Kangaroo Island is roughly six times the size of Singapore. Aptly deserving the moniker of “Zoo without Fences,” it allows visitors to explore the state of wildlife at Seal Bay, Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, and several other locations. It offers visitors a priceless and up-close look at the bushfire recovery journey of Australia’s wildlife.

Kangaroo Island is best known for its first-rate accommodation options, like One Kangaroo Island and Dune House that combine deluxe architecture and beachfront escapades. If you’re seeking luxury and sustainability, you’ll find Oceanview Eco Villas a good option for your stay on Kangaroo Island.

New South Wales’ Retreats

Australia’s New South Wales is best known for its glittering capital of Sydney. What surprises a lot of visitors is that New South Wales also has luxurious retreats like Byron Bay and Jervis Bay. The Residence and The Range are opulent holiday homes located on Byron Bay, so those looking for beach adventures can surf to their heart’s content.

For those seeking to take a break from sparkling coastlines, they’ll have the spectacular Blue Mountains, which have elegant havens to escape to like Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley just a 2.5-hour car ride from Sydney. Other spots for the luxury-minded amidst the Blue Mountains include Spicers Sangoma Retreat, which boasts of seclusion and privacy for those that need a much-needed break from stress.

Tasmania’s Luxury Hotels

Travelers seeking intimate yet lush surroundings can’t go wrong with Tasmania. With a small population of just 500,000, it is the home of several highly rated luxury hotels. Some of these include the Pumphouse Point, Saffire, and Thalia. Saffire, in particular, was recently named as the world’s best boutique luxury hotel.

Thalia is world famous as a must-visit if you’re hungry to create sensational Instagram posts featuring their outdoor bath. If you’re looking to enjoy the quiet serenity of a lake, Pumphouse Point is the adult-only escape for you. You’ll be able to visit Lake St. Clair and walk amongst the lush Myrtle forests that surround Pumphouse Point. It is clear that Tasmania is the go-to place for the very pinnacle of luxurious hotel stays in Australia.

One of the best things about Australia is that there will invariably be a location or activity to suit every taste and interest. So it is not surprising that the land down under remains to be a hotspot for luxurious escapes and treasured memories. If you ever plan on visiting Australia, you should be assured that you will be spoiled for choice when you want to go on a swanky well-deserved break. 

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