The Most Popular Countries Across Asia for Passionate Gamblers

24th December 2020

There are many reasons why gambling has become a popular activity in today’s world. However, the main reason is entertainment without any doubt. People all over the world have different mentalities, traditions, and habits. Yet, most people tend to admit that they enjoy gambling games like roulette, slots, poker and so on.

Another thing that people commonly like is traveling. We all have the goal to travel around the world and visit many places. Unfortunately, the lack of time and conditions does not allow us to travel as much as we want. That is the reason why every trip you organize needs to be perfect in some way. In case you are passionate about gambling, the casino destinations in Asia are going to be the right choice.

Gambling is becoming more and more popular across entire Asia. We can comfortably say that this is becoming a trend when it comes to people’s time spent Despite that, the gambling industry in Asia is going through a development process. People can now gamble from the comfort of their room via online casinos as well. It seems that the same trend is going to continue in the next couple of years.

We do not want to say the countries from our list below can only offer that sort of entertainment. They also have rich tradition and history, plenty of monuments to visit, wonderful views, etc. However, when the day ends, the first thing you would want to do as a tourist is to visit some of these places. Because of that, we highlighted five casino destinations in Asia that deserve your attention. Each one will offer you a pleasant and entertaining gambling experience that you will remember.


Many people will agree Macau is the gambling capital of Asia. There is one thing that we know for sure. You have probably dreamed about going to Las Vegas at some of the most prestigious casinos in the world. Well, Macau is Asia’s Las Vegas (at least, many people say that).

A wide range of options is another reason that will surprise you. There are some casinos like MGM, Grand Lisboa, and The Venetian where you can enjoy different games. Of course, there are also smaller ones that will offer you the same pleasure and a smaller number of games. They can be a perfect option for those players that like to enjoy the games in silence and peace. We can’t guarantee you will find something like that in the bigger ones.


People that have visited Malaysia would probably surprise why this country is on the list. The laws in Malaysia regarding gambling are a bit specific. Because of Sharia laws, Muslims aren’t allowed inside the only casino in the country and since that covers about 60 % of the population the casino relies mostly on tourists. However, that doesn’t mean gambling is not popular at all. All the citizens of the states will more likely decide on online casinos. When it comes to different casino sites there are offering numerous options to them. They can find online casinos with a wide range of games, decent bonuses, and entertaining designs.


Remember what we said about Macau? Well, we can say that the Philippines is slowly becoming the biggest competitor. A good example of that would probably be the Resorts World Manila. It is one of the most popular casino resorts that welcomes thousands of players each day. More precisely, it is the first one that started to operate in this country. You will manage to find nearly 300 live tables as well as more than 1500 gambling machines there.

Despite that, you can also visit some other resorts that will feature the same quality. For instance, Resorts World Bayshore, City of Dreams, and Okada Manila are all places that deserve your attention.


We do not want to say the number of casinos is big. However, we believe everyone will agree that quality must be over quantity. Still, there is something we will have to highlight here.

The Singapore gambling laws are strange, and we recommend you research them. For instance, you won’t manage to visit some places if you don’t have the documents that confirm your identification. Despite that, for entering most casinos, you will often have to pay the fee. In some cases, that fee won’t be higher than $150 a day. However, you can also pay a yearly fee that usually costs around $3000.

South Korea

Believe it or not, gambling is forbidden by the law. However, that rule counts only for the local players. When you come as a tourist, you have the complete right to visit some of the best casinos in the world.

In Seoul, for instance, one of the most popular casinos is Paradise Walker Hill Casino. The casino itself is not huge, but you will get the chance to enjoy different games like Blackjack, Roullete, Tai-Sai, and Baccarat.

Final Thought

Traveling to Las Vegas can be amazing, but you need to understand it is not the only casino destination in the world. As you see, countries across Asia can offer you a great gambling experience as well. Countries like Macau, Malaysia and the Philippines are the future of Asian gambling. So, what do you think? Which destination seems like the most attractive one?

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