Travel Tips to Have a Fun and Memorable Overseas Vacation

3rd December 2020

Traveling to another place is a great way to relieve you of stress. Once you get to a new location, you’ll be able to experience a whole lot of things: from exotic cuisines and daring adventures to friendly people and stunning scenery, there’s just so much to dive into.

When you visit someplace new, you must also stay aware of your surroundings. It’s quite easy to get carried away in the excitement when you’re on some pristine beach on a faraway island and forget to play it safe. If you aren’t careful, that perfect getaway could result in some nasty misadventures. With that said, here are some travel tips to consider when you’re heading off on vacation, especially to a foreign country.

Always Prepare

Before heading off on your trip, always be prepared. Any trip should start with some basic research about the area you’re planning to visit. How many seasons does the country have? Is it relatively safe? Are there any travel advisories you should know about? How about the exchange rate? Once you’ve done the research, you can decide if your destination is right for you, or find somewhere else for your vacation.

After you’ve got the important facts sorted, it’s time to pack what you need. If you’re going to a tropical country such as the Philippines or Thailand, you’ll more than likely hit up some beaches. Pack quick-dry towels, sunscreen, hats, and other items to use while on the beach. Obviously, if you’re going somewhere cold during winter – like Norway or Canada – then it’s best to bring warm undergarments and a sturdy jacket!

Don’t forget that you’ll want to capture those amazing travel memories along the way, so bring your camera or a decent smartphone. If you’re going to get aerial and bring a drone, always do your research ahead of time; many countries, like those in the Middle East, have bans in place preventing tourists from bringing or using drones.

Travel Insurance

Speaking of being prepared, it’s always an excellent idea to have travel insurance. There are endless stories of tourists who had tragic accidents while on vacation. Don’t assume that if you’re careful, you’ll be safe; none of the people who ended up in trouble on their holidays planned it that way!

Tourists who end up in hospital without insurance often end up heavily in debt, unable to pay their bills or return home for care. Always have insurance to protect yourself against this.

Equally as important is ensuring you’re financially prepared for your trip. Emergency expenses might crop up along the way, so it’s better to be prepared and set aside extra money for such cases. If you need a bit of a financial boost, you could consider getting Holiday loans to help finance your travel dreams or have some extra cash in your pocket for emergencies.

Either way, be responsible when borrowing money, as you might end up having more debts if you don’t read the small print! Make sure you only borrow the amount that you really need and can afford to pay.

Observe Rules and Regulations

The most beautiful places in the world often have strict rules in place to keep them beautiful. Every visitor to that country is subject to these regulations. Even though you’re a tourist, local law enforcement won’t think twice about questioning you when they think you’ve done something wrong. Some of these laws might seem strange to you, but you must respect them nonetheless.

For example, in Singapore, it’s illegal for anyone to chew gum or even bring gum into the country. Violators face an enormous penalty and can even serve time in prison. In Venice, it’s illegal to feed pigeons in the city. Another example is the Maldives: although the place is known for its parties and beaches, it’s illegal to bring alcoholic beverages or pornographic material into the country.

Cultural Norms

It’s not only laws and regulations that tourists should abide by; each country comes with its own cultural norms that tourists should at least respect. Not respecting such standards can make the locals uneasy, and they may be rude or aggressive to tourists who disregard their ways of life.

These norms may differ from what you’re used to. For example, a handshake is how you’d greet your friends. In some countries, such as Japan, people bow at each other as a greeting. Another example is waving hello to a friend; in Greece, it’s considered offensive to do so. Lastly, a thumbs-up might be a sign for “okay,” but in some middle eastern countries, it’s the equivalent of giving a middle finger.

Not only do you have to mind some gestures, but certain seemingly innocent acts can also be offensive for some. In Japan, it isn’t very respectful to bring your shoes inside a house when visiting someone. In North Korea, it’s a known fact that they love their supreme leader. North Koreans are friendly, but they won’t hesitate to teach you a harsh lesson should you disrespect their leader.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Experiences

Make the most out of your vacation by trying out new stuff. You may see some things that are strange to you, but to the locals, it’s everyday life! Your idea of a yummy snack may be ice cream, but in some countries, such as Cambodia, their snacks might be deep-fried scorpions. Be brave, try new things, and remember to enjoy yourself.

Learn the Language

It will be a great help if you know a few phrases in the language of the country you’ll visit. Aside from avoiding misunderstandings, you’ll learn something new along the way by memorizing some common phrases.

Locals are usually appreciative when tourists go to the trouble of learning their language. Even though English is widely spoken in many foreign countries’ tourist hotspots, you’ll blend in a little better by speaking like a local here and there. 


It’s always an exciting experience when you travel to other countries for your vacation. But as fun as it sounds, don’t get entirely carried away. Vacations only stay fun when you don’t run into a problem! Follow our tips above, and you’re sure to stay out of trouble when visiting an unfamiliar locale.

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