The Top Luxury Hotels in the UK

1st September 2020

The UK is a place with some of the most stunning hotels, lodges, villas and other guest accommodations anywhere in the world. We all deserve some time away. We work hard and need time to unwind. You might decide to experience short breaks in Scotland, city breaks in London or weekends in the Lake District.

Staying in a luxury hotel means you get the best of both worlds; top of the range service while enjoying time at top UK staycation destinations.  We’ve looked across the UK and came up with the top UK hotels and accommodations you should experience this year.  Luxury UK hotels that will blow your mind. That will tick all the boxes and will enable you to have a memorable staycation. 

From coastal retreats to great city locations, the hotels we’ve picked will make you want to book a hotel right now. Although booking a trip to the beaches of Italy or Croatia are amazing, the UK has great short break destinations that won’t take forever to reach. Or if you’re reading this from overseas, come and enjoy these amazing hotels but do make sure to look into whether you need to fill out a UK travel authorization form

Let’s find out the most luxurious UK hotels to visit this year: 

Adare Manor in County Limerick 

Adare Manor in Country Limerick 

The Adare Manor is a striking building. The neo-gothic castle is a stand out for luxury due to its upgrade and restoration that took over 2 years. It’s an epic adventure for any guests who choose to stay here.  Built in the mid 19th century, the castle offers luxury at every corner.

You know you are staying in high end hotel accommodation with its own golf course that’s set to host the Ryder Cup in 2026. Furthermore, the modernism of the resorted building adds to its story. There is a lot of thought into the castles design.  Leaded windows, chimneys, pillars and towers all come together to make this a memorable stay for guests.

Added to this are gargoyles and weird staircases all over the place. With a world class spa, a restaurant offers the finest cuisine and staff as attentive as they come; guests visiting Adare Manor will be wanting to come back again and again. Venture to the Michelin Oak Room restaurant and enjoy something from the Market Menu with lamb and lobster just some of the favourites on offer.

Post dinner, you’ll end up in the cocktail bar or the House Bistro and with so much to experience here, guests will always have something to look forward to at the Adare Manor.  

Gleneagles in Perthshire, one of Scotland’s luxury hotels 

Gleneagles in Perthshire

Gleneagles has been part of the golfer’s vacation diet for many a time but the majestic resort was taken over by Ennismore in 2015. Since then, the golfing hotel in Scotland has become a more diverse destination, offering lots of other activities.

Gone are the days of stuffy tartan on tartan rooms; in its place are modern, fresh spaces where guests can enjoy golf in all its glory but more focus on other attractions. Thus, making it a more endearing place for guests looking for a more rounded resort experience. 

Visitors to this part of the country are in for a treat with lots of outdoor activities to enjoy. From canoeing, climbing, tennis, falconry, archery and cycling to name a few. There is an improved spa on the horizon so this will add to the allure of this luxurious hotel in Scotland.

There is a wealth of eating options available at Gleneagles. The upmarket Strathearn is a stand out along with the other restaurants and bars offering different cuisine and cocktails in luxurious surroundings.  Waking up and enjoying the buffet breakfast might be the highlight of guests stay here. You simply can’t miss it. Luxury hotels in Scotland don’t get better than weekends in Gleneagles.  

Weekends in Cornwall at the Nare  


A country house in Cornwall that’s stood for nearly 100 years. The Nare is an amazingly well-preserved luxury hotel on the Roseland Peninsula.  Guests who are looking for a traditional stay at the country house will get it at the Nare. The Nare has a loyal following of guests who come back year on year to experience the wonders of the afternoon tea and other experiences offered here.

Elegance is at the core of everything they do at the Nare. Charm, impeccable service and attention to detail never go out of fashion at this luxurious Cornwall hotel.  This hotel takes you to a time in the past; a simpler time. Experience it all during your stay in Cornwall at the Nare.  

Seaham Hall – luxury hotel breaks in Northumberland 

Seaham Hall

The gem of the North East is Seaham Hall. The luxury mansion has been recently renovated to become a must visit hotel in this part of England. With an interesting history, guests will become enchanted with how Seaham Hall evolved and changed hands for it to become what it is today; a luxury hotel in the North East boasting a relaxing spa, suites and a fine dining restaurant.  

Seaham Hall has an abundance of living quarters for guests. Where you stay depends on your budget. From the Executive Suite to an even more upmarket experience of the Lovelace suite.  

It’s all in the name, Seaham Hall is located next to the North Sea. When venturing to the Serenity Spa to unwind guests shall get there via an underground passage way to avoid the rocky sea outside. A unique experience when visiting a luxury hotel in Northumberland.  

Guests really will have the perfect stay at Seaham Hall. A walk around the grounds after dinner is the perfect way to walk off the hearty meals offered in Byron’s Restaurant. The service is warm and welcoming; something which is expected when journeying to this part of England. The menu is varied from seafood to meat and the perfect wines that will complement each dish. Luxury hotel breaks at Seaham Hall in Northumberland.  

Luxury hotel breaks in the UK 

These are some of the perfectly selected hotels that offer sublime experiences for guests around the UK. From amazing service, to luxurious accommodation and impeccable service. These hotels should be considered for your next short break. 

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