Bucket List Locations To Visit When Traveling To The USA

3rd April 2020

The United States of America may be one of the places that completes every person’s travel adventures. With many astonishing places and landmarks, you might find it hard to decide which of these places you will include in your list.

How To Create a Bucket List

Here are some tips on how to create your bucket list:

Do quick thinking of places you want to visit

Just write down any destination that pops up in your mind. Your brain will unconsciously work to write down your desired destination. It is a great way to start creating your bucket list.

Research about famous destinations

Have you heard of Santorini in Greece?  The Maldives in South Asia? Grand Canyon in the USA? Another great way to expand your bucket list is to research famous tourist spots or bucket list destinations. The reviews and ratings may also aid you in making decisions as to whether or not you should pursue going to such places.

Organize your schedule

Now that you have listed the places you want to visit, you may be having a difficult time determining which places you really need to go to. Prioritizing the places you want to go and organizing your schedule is a good way to overcome this dilemma.

Set up a budget

Travel is always accompanied by cost. As you travel, however, your budgeting experience will improve. Finding cheap but cozy hotels from places like Koala can make a great difference to your travel budget long term. By planning ahead and comparing hotel prices you have the potential to really make your holiday something worth remembering while still being affordable.

The bottom line is that planning is essential to make your bucket list happen.

Gorgeous Places To Visit When Traveling To The USA

niagra falls

Now that you know the tips on creating a bucket list, here are the top destinations in the USA that you can add in your bucket list:

1 – Grand Canyon

Located in Arizona, the Grand Canyon is one of the most famed national parks in the US. Rafting, hiking, or helicopter riding are the best options to explore the canyon’s beauty, which is almost 300 miles long and has a depth of one mile.

2 – Walt Disney World Resort

Located in Florida, the magical park of Walt Disney World Resort, more popularly known as Disney World, can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It has four theme parks that showcase various surreal and fairytale-like attractions.

3 – Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls is located between the USA and Canada. It consists of three major waterfalls, namely Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls, which all flow to the Niagara River. You can enjoy its view by boat or by simply viewing the falls from a stellar vantage point.

4 – Golden Gate Bridge

The famous bridge, located in San Francisco, spans over 4000 feet and connects the Marin County to San Francisco. Biking or walking while enjoying and snapping pictures of stunning views are the most popular activities you can do while traversing the Golden Gate Bridge.

5 – Great Smoky Mountains

Located in Tennessee, this mountain range, which is also considered as a national park, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are lots of recreational activities you can do here, such as fishing, horseback riding, and hiking.

6 – Yellowstone National Park

Spanning across three states (Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho), the Yellowstone National Park is the first national park in the USA, as well as in the whole world. It is an ideal place for camping, hiking, and trekking.

7 – Mount Rushmore

This location is popular for the carved granite faces of former American presidents, namely George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson. These took 15 years to finish. The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is located in South Dakota. 

8 – Las Vegas

Popularly known as Sin City, the City of Las Vegas in Nevada is renowned across the globe for its nightlife and high-end restaurants. Aside from fun and wild pool parties, Las Vegas also offers many family-friendly activities.

 9 – New York

One of the busiest and most visited places across the globe, New York city has a lot to offer for tourists. Here, you can enjoy popular attractions, like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and Times Square. You can also watch world class plays on Broadway.

 10 – Los Angeles

You love Hollywood movies?  Then, the best place for you will be Los Angeles, California. You may visit the Hollywood Bowl, Beverly Hills, and Walk of Fame while touring around the place. You can also go to Griffith Observatory to have a breathtaking view of the Hollywood sign.


The USA has many beautiful and stunning places to offer. Almost every single destination you’ve been dreaming of can be found in the American soil. From mountains, national parks, nature and nightlife, it has all the great places that can complete your bucket list.

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