Ways of Creating New & Great Travel Memories

16th March 2020

If you have the travel bug, you might find yourself one day feeling hungry for more while also feeling less excited by travel than you used to. If this sounds like you, there are plenty of ways to cultivate that feeling of wonder and create plenty of new, incredible memories while you travel.

If you are just getting into the travel scene for the first time, these tips can still help you to have amazing experiences now and throughout your globetrotting journey.

New Destinations


The most obvious tip for creating new experiences while traveling is to go to new places, but this tip also goes a bit beyond that. First of all, if you tend to be a repeat-destination traveler, mixing things up once in a while can make a huge difference.

If you go to Hawaii once a year, try going to the Caribbean next year for a similar beach vacation with brand-new places to explore. If you take a road trip to Yellowstone once every few years, next time visit Yosemite or Zion National Park. On the other hand, even if you don’t repeat your trips, you can still end up with a case of destination fatigue without knowing exactly why.

If you keep a travel bucket list, marking down items can be a reward in itself, and once the list starts to look a little bare, it can get you feeling less excited about it. One way to recapture the magic of traveling to destinations you’ve dreamed about for a long time, is to look for places that are less frequented and unique. Lots of travelers have taken a cruise to France or Italy, but how many have been on a Croatia cruise?

New Focus


Ask yourself why you enjoy traveling, or if you’re new to it, why you want to get started. The answer will be different for everyone. Some people love experiencing exotic foods and cultures, some love seeing history first hand, some want to view breathtaking natural landscapes and others want to relax in the lap of luxury.

If you have been traveling for a while, you may find that most of your trips have been similar because you have been focused on the same aspects of travel each time you embark. Even if you’re visiting very different locations each time, this can start to give your destinations a feeling of similarity.

If you think this is what is preventing you from having memorable new experiences, try focusing on something else the next time you travel. If you normally wine and dine your way through your trips, try taking a nature hike or visiting some unusual historical sites.

If you normally focus on the spas and beaches, try branching out to more local restaurants or spend more time walking the main thoroughfares. Choosing different ways of spending your time while on vacation can make a huge difference in how you remember your trips and make them feel more worthwhile.

New Travel Companions

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Many frequent travelers tend to go with the same people each time. Perhaps you usually travel with a friend, a spouse, or another relative. You might also travel alone. These decisions are important and make a huge difference to how you experience and remember your trip. It’s good to keep in mind that you can always meet new people, no matter where you might be traveling.

If you find yourself feeling like something is missing, try inviting someone new to come with you. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to leave your usual traveling companion out in the cold, either, as you can simply expand the size of your travel group.

While psychologists say that sharing an experience with someone can later change the way that you remember that event, part of the fun of traveling with others is the ability to reminisce together. Different people or groups of people share different dynamics, and that can change the way that you remember the journey, giving you a fresh new perspective on your experiences.

New Ways to Travel

Many travelers have one tried-and-true method of travel that they stick with. If you’re part of a larger travel group you might notice that there are the road trippers, the cruisers, the through-hikers, the ecotourists, the work travelers and more, who rarely dabble in anyone else’s travel type.

Mixing it up and traveling in a new way changes nearly everything about the trip other than the destination, including the length of the trip, the independence level, and the amount of planning required. New types of memories are sure to be made if you branch out and try a new type of travel.

If you’re eager to make new memories and capture the magic of your first time traveling, the key is to try new things. New goals, destinations, methods and styles of travel, and new people to share it with will all help you to create incredible new travel memories.

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  • trying new things is always something I enjoy… I think a nice balance between the things we liked vs the new things is crucial for any journey… what do you think?

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