Travel Photography - Around the World in 80 Canvases

9th March 2020

Well, it doesn’t have to be 80 but you get the drift! What better way to record your travels than by turning those travel photos into quality canvas picture prints? All houses need decorative wall items to add to the aesthetics and ambiance, and canvases are the number one choice in UK households. So now you get the chance to combine your great pictures into works of art which allows everyone to enjoy them, and will keep those wonderful memories alive.

Go With the Flow

You may already have all the pictures you need to create your canvases or you may have trips planned and are eagerly anticipating the photo opportunities – the beauty of this kind display is that you can add to it as you go. You can start with one or two and add another couple every time you return from a trip or only when you come from specific locations. This is your very own gallery showcasing both your talents and your travels, there are no rules just build it up as fast or as slow as you want to.


If you are stuck for inspiration you could always select the canvases by which room they will be hanging in. If you have some stunning seascapes or lighthouse photos you could put them in the bathroom. If you have some gorgeous cafe scenes from your trips around the Med they would look delightful in the dining room. Dreamy, romantic pictures lend themselves perfectly to the bedroom whereas bright, food orientated images will look fab in the kitchen. These are just suggestions of course, you can really let those artistic juices run free.

Colour Coordinated or Complete Contrast?

Again, which colours you put where is entirely up to you. If you are a fan of minimalist furnishings in cool greys or white monochrome canvases will look amazing against this backdrop. Then again, if you want to inject a pop of colour into this kind of décor a bright print will create a focal point without having to splash out on coloured rugs, cushions etc. The possibilities are truly endless, and you are only limited by the boundaries of your imagination.

Passage to India, or China, or Spain, or Brazil, or…..

If you are blessed with a long hallway or landing you can create a wonderful montage of one particular trip using canvases. It can be a veritable travelogue of your journey through that country and display everything you loved about that destination. If you have been on a cruise round the Caribbean, or a safari in Kenya or even sailed in a riverboat down the Norfolk Broads, taking all the best images and creating a canvas montage is a fabulous way of letting everyone share in the joy of that wonderful adventure.

Size Doesn’t Really Matter

You can, of course, have all your canvases a uniform size if that’s the type of display you are looking for but if you want them to stand out even more mixing up the sizes and shapes will make them eye-catching. If you do this you are giving your home a unique aesthetic appeal that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

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