Top 5 World Travel Destinations for Music Lovers

23rd November 2019

Cultivating your music taste will only be helped by visiting the countries and cities where your favorite genres were born. Traveling and experiencing different music around the world will expand your repertoire and even get you interested in making your own music!

If you haven’t done so, here are some travel destinations you need to include in your bucket list as a music fan.

1. West Indies

Perhaps there isn’t a destination that hosts as much extravagant music as the West Indies. The Caribbean has a lengthy annual calendar full of exciting parties, most of which are dedicated to music. In Jamaica, February is for reggae while Trinidad and Tobago kicks off its year with the Carnival Season.

The region boasts of being the root of Soca, a genre that is a combination of soul, funk, and calypso. The steelpan and other modern drums are also rooted in the West Indies. They are used in the Carnival celebrations. All of the Caribbean’s music influencers come to life during the festivals, making it a top destination for tourists and music enthusiasts.

 2. New York

New York lives up to the iconic status established during the Jazz Age and continues to the golden age of hip-hop legends such as Jay-Z, Notorious BIG, and Lil Kim in the ’90s. The city is full of musical history, including the Blue Note, located in the Greenwich Village, which is known for the enormous piano-shaped awning.

New York hosts jazz nights that you can’t afford to miss. If you are looking to be serenaded, you can enjoy various bands that have made it big and perform alongside up-and-coming arts, which are the future of music.

3. Liverpool, England

Liverpool is the world capital of pop as it’s the birthplace of practically any pop hit produced after World War II. A visit to England will take you back in time to the Beatles. Today, tourists can have a virtual tour of their legendary Albert Dock, which hosts their incredible story. In addition to Paul, John, George, and Ringo of the popular band, England has produced numerous other artists and music genres like dubstep. Dubstep is a classic form of electronic music that was first produced in England.

While in the country, make sure you visit the Strawberry Field, Eleanor Rigby’s Gravesite, and other museums. You will for sure enjoy the tunes that made Liverpool the capital of pop music. And if you’re heading to the capital, check out these off the beaten path rock and roll sites in London.

4. Vienna, Austria

Liverpool may be the world capital of pop music, but Vienna is the world capital of classical music. Austria’s capital is, therefore, an essential stop for anyone who enjoys classical music. The famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart named Vienna as his home, owning several locations throughout the city. Tourists can visit his only home left standing today, the Mozarthaus Vienna. This is the place where he wrote some of his famous pieces such as The Marriage of Figaro.

The best time to visit is when the esteemed orchestra hosts an event in the Schonbrunn Palace, a performance that more than 100,000 people attend. 

5. Berlin, Germany

Since the birth of techno in the 1980s, Berlin has jumped onto the international scene for all the exciting music coming from the DJ booth. Today, the city attracts millions of tourists to enjoy the pulsating music and legendary clubs. Additionally, locals have turned to a new genre, Echzeitmusik, which includes the renowned electronica, jazz, pop, rock, and a lot of improvisation. No matter where you travel in Berlin, you are likely to witness the sounds of exhilarating music.

The Bottom Line

After visiting some important musical landmarks, you’ll come away feeling more connected to your favorite bands, albums and tracks than ever. For musicians, you might come across some new equipment or techniques recommended by people you meet on your travels. You could also stumble across the best music stores in the world, like Ishibashi Music in Tokyo or the Drum Center of Portsmouth in New Hampshire – learn more here about DCP.

All in all, traveling to the world’s musical capitals will improve your outlook, record collection and musicianship. Make your trips musical by visiting some of these top destinations.

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