5 Scenic Routes for a Northeastern United States Road Trip

29th August 2019

Road trips are exciting and can create the best of memories while you experience scenic destinations and landmarks with people you care about. Whether you are going with a significant other or with a group, road trips can be therapeutic and build stronger relationships. When you’re on a road trip, you get to see the most beautiful coastlines and small towns.

The Northeastern United States is a popular place to take a road trip. This part of the US is also called New England and is composed of 10 states including:


Many people travel to these states to get a different side of American culture. The Northeast contains many attractions and scenery that is quite captivating to keep tourists and road trippers coming back for more. It is quite the opposite of the Southern part of the US given that there aren’t golden beaches and frequent warm weather like there are in Florida, per se.

If you are used to those bright beaches and climate, you can expect to have a new experience by taking a road trip through New England. Though there are precautions to taking a road trip, here are some of the best routes to take to experience the most scenic road trip in the Northeast. And why not make it a real road trip adventure by renting an RV through a company such as RVnGO!

1 – Route 25 through New York

Montauk Point lighthouse

Montauk Point lighthouse

This route takes you from New York to Long Island and offers a variety of scenic value and diversity. You go from the biggest city in America to the rural communities and farm towns. It is cool to see how areas can be right next door to each other and be exact opposites.

This is a great road trip for those looking to see the rural areas of the north and experience the farmlands, wineries, and farmstands. Take Route 25 (Main Road) if you want a rustic ambiance, from accommodations to dining.

You can stop for stargazing at midnight at the Custer Observatory or visit the Montauk Point lighthouse to highlight your road trip. You will get a taste of small towns, big cities, beautiful coasts, and villages on the over 100-mile long road.

2 – Route 100 to Vermont

Green Mountain National Forest

Green Mountain National Forest

If you are looking to take a road trip during the fall, this route is one of the most popular due to its beautiful colors and forest views. Some people even visit Vermont for skiing trips and winter sports and activities. This route will give you wonderful forest views that are the epitome of the fall season image. This road goes from north to south Vermont and near the Canadian border.

You’ll start at the town of Newport and make your way down to where the road gets to Massachusetts. You’ll witness the great waterfalls and sights if you make a stop at the Green Mountain National Forest. If you want to experience the bodies of water near Vermont, take some time to visit the Mad River Valley and Lake Willoughby.

3 – Philadelphia to Pittsburgh

Strasburg Rail Road

Strasburg Rail Road

If you’re wanting to go on a Philadelphia road trip to see the what this state and its capital, Pittsburgh, has to offer, take a short drive to its popular attractions. One attraction for this Northeastern state is the HersheyPark, which is home to the great theme park where you can find rides of all kinds and get a taste of the best candy brands. This would be a rather short road trip considering it is within one state and will offer amazing experiences along the way.

You can see the historical steam train operating system if you stop at the Strasburg Rail Road. Or take a visit to one of the oldest amusement parks in the US called Kennywood, to get the old-time historical feel.

4 – Baltimore to the Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park

The route to the Acadia National Park is a rather long one, so if you’re looking to have an extended road-trip with much to see, taking a drive from Baltimore to this natural attraction would be ideal. Spend a few days to cover the entire road or take your time and more days on the road. From bridges to iconic cities, the Northeast offers many sights to see.

You will get the chance to explore and experience the cities of New York, Boston, Portland, and Philadelphia while you are on this specific site. You’ll find all kind of authentic cuisine so if you are a food lover, choosing the Baltimore route will give you a taste of both what the city has to offer and what nature has to offer.

Once you have passed through these few cities, you’ll arrive at the Acadia National Park where you can witness the natural forests and Northeastern wildlife. Some people even enjoy camping here and other outdoor activities. If you want an extended trip, take some days out to spend time in the wilderness or go hiking. You can even take on some water activities if you want to go for a swim.

5 – Massachusett’s Coastline

Massachusett’s Coastline

Massachusett’s Coastline

Massachusetts, known for its historical factors and is the place where the Mayflower and pilgrims landed, and some of the best beaches and seafood. If you are a fan of seafood and anything that is associated with fish and shellfish, taking a road trip down Massachusett’s coasts line would be a great trip for you. The route begins in Gloucester where you can see the oldest seaport in the United States.

You’ll go down the coast of Boston and get to fishing villages. If you enjoy fishing as a sport or hobby, take time to relax and catch some fish. There will be seafood at every turn so you must bring your appetite along with you on this road trip. You’ll get to taste the popular fried clams all while experiencing artistic scenes on your way.   

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Looking for the ultimate drive? Here are some of the best routes to take to experience the most scenic road trip in the Northeast of the United States.

Looking for the ultimate drive? Here are some of the best routes to take to experience the most scenic road trip in the Northeast of the United States.

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