A Day Trip to Loire Valley Castles in France

21st August 2019

The castles of the Loire Valley boast of the architectural heritage of some of the most historic towns in France, such as Blois, Chinon, Montsoreau, Amboise, Angers, Orléans, Saumur, and Tours.

There are more than 300 fortified castles that date back to the 10th century; each one is a fine example of Renaissance design. The splendid residences and their equally gorgeous gardens embody the ideals of the Renaissance, and many even contained exquisite churches.

The Loire Valley and its castles have been a symbol of France’s elite and wealthy past for centuries. Loire’s rolling hills, the medieval towns, and those magnificent castles add to the magical lure of the Loire Valley.

Every year, millions of tourists arrive here to explore the splendor of Loire Valley Castles, and experience the elegant grandeur. Many of the chateaux are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and all of them are culturally significant and well-maintained.

The journey from Paris to Loire Valley takes about three hours by bus. Visitors can also catch a high-speed train that runs from the Montparnasse station to the base to visit specific châteaux.

If you have just a day to explore the beautiful Loire Valley region, it would be impossible to cover the entire area and see all the classical and Renaissance castles. Still, with a well-planned itinerary, you can make the most of your trip to the Valley and immerse yourself in French history.

You can cover centuries of history and architecture on a single day with a well-planned schedule.

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Here’s how to plan your trip

  • Start early to make the most of your day; board the coach at 7:00 am.
  • Visit two of the most majestic French Chateaux: Chambord and Chenonceau.
  • Enjoy the three-hour bus ride and feast your eyes on the French landscapes, stopping at Chateau de Chenonceau.
  • Explore the architectural splendor of Chenonceau and its magical setting. Learn about it’s fascinating past, why it’s called the “Ladies’ Chateau,” and about different women who were involved in its construction over the years. Visit the Florentine-inspired gallery that is built above the Cher River by the famous Queen Catherine de Medici.
  • You will get a lunch break before you board the bus at 1:30 pm to continue your trip to Chambord. It will take about an hour to reach the beautiful, remote estate surrounded by forests and wildlife. The Chateau served as a hunting lodge for Françis, and is considered to be one of the most elegant Renaissance buildings. It is also the largest château in the Loire Valley, and seems to have been inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches. However, the original architect remains unknown.
  • Your day trip will end at around 5 pm, and you can board your bus to take you back to Paris.


Even though the times have changed and the eras are long gone, the splendor of the Loire Valley remains. It is a profoundly satisfying and enriching experience to marvel at those sumptuous furnishings, lovely gardens, and the elegant Renaissance architecture.

Everything seems interwoven with the myths, legends, and fantasy; that’s what makes it a unique experience to visit and tour the Loire Valley. Opt for a tour guide who will accompany you and educate you about the fascinating history of the places you’re exploring. You’ll come away with a deep insight and appreciation for days long gone.

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