Fact or Fiction: Legends of the Mythical Creatures That Haunt Sri Lanka

8th May 2019

As human beings, we all have our own set of superstitions that we try not to believe or choose not to believe but even with that, somewhere in the back of your mind, those superstitions still make the hairs on the back of your neck raise.

These fears and superstitions aren’t just specific to one location either… there are different superstitions all over the world and the country of Sri Lanka has no shortage of them.

Sri Lanka is a country that has been deeply rooted in superstition and folklore for centuries. Its historical background blurs the lines between natural and supernatural while magic and mystery are one and the same.

But today, with all the technology and developments, the days of fearing ghosts and spirits have somewhat diminished and but there are still rural areas of Sri Lanka where the young men still fear the legendary Mohini.

It’s easy to hear about the legends and myths that supposedly haunt Sri Lanka but there’s never really been too much discussion about the creatures behind the myths. Of course, these are all “mythical creatures” and superstitions so there’s no need to not visit the country… in fact, the beaches, the friendly people, and the amazing food are all great reasons to visit Sri Lanka!

Whether you need to sell your unused items, start aggressively saving, or leave your 9 to 5 and be your own boss, do whatever it takes to get to this beautiful country!

Let’s Dig a Little Deeper

So, aside from exploring the beautiful beaches and amazing food, how about exploring the mysterious side of Sri Lanka? You don’t have to venture out to the tallest tree on the highest mountain and go looking for mystery… just while you’re there enjoying the beauty of the country, try asking locals about these creatures and get their thoughts on it.

It would be really interesting to see whether or not they believe the legends and also to see if the legends you knew match the legends they know.

The Sunday Observer even sheds light on how the new digital age is debunking folklore and superstition these days. Take a look at some of the mythical creatures behind some of Sri Lanka’s most supernatural legends.

The Kalu Kumaraya: Your Reason to Stay Away From Tall, Dark, and Handsome Strangers

The Kalu Kumaraya

Known as the incubus of Sri Lanka, Kalu Kumaraya has his own unique story of how he came to be. Legend has it that Kalu Kumaraya was an ancient Sri Lankan prince. In a failed attempt to steal the throne from his father, he killed himself. As punishment, he was not allowed to cross over and was left in the human world as a demon forever.

Now, the interesting part of this story is that Kalu Kumaraya is an incubus, right? Yes. If you don’t know what an incubus is, an incubus is a demon in the form of a man that engages in sexual intercourse with women while they sleep… So a lifetime of seducing women sounds like the ultimate punishment if you had to pick!

Sometimes known as the sexy spook, one version of Kalu Kumaraya’s legends state that he’s a handsome figure that preys on pretty young girls. He’ll seduce them into ecstasy and then beg him to take their life by way of cutting their throat.

The other legend portrays him in a darker light being attracted to young girls and pregnant women. He would scare young women to death and touch the bellies of pregnant women which would later cause miscarriages. Both versions of him are destructive but he’s a lot more appealing in the first version

The Devil Bird: The Bird With the Bone-Chilling Scream That Brings You to Your Death

devil bird of sri lanka

The Devil Bird is one that has been said to haunts Sri Lanka’s many forests. The cry of this demonic bird has been known as a prominent omen of death… anyone who hears the cry of the devil bird will die.

The legend of the Devil Bird stems from a man thinking his wife was cheating on him. In revenge and spite to his wife, the man killed their infant child and turned him into a gruesome meal that he prepared for his wife. Once she learned what her husband had done, she ran into the forest screaming with horror. It was then that she transformed into the Devil Bird.

Now, as gruesome as that legend may be, you can somewhat put your mind at ease because no one really knows what the Devil Bird is or looks like but there are rumored speculations of what the bird might be.

The Maha Kola Sanni Yaka: The Demon of Illness

Maha Kola Sanni Yaka

In the rural parts of Sri Lanka, the people believe that the reason people are afflicted with sickness is due to demons. In fact, there are 18 demons to be exact but the demon over all the other disease-causing demons is Maha Kola Sanni Yaka.

Maha Kola Sanni Yaka also has a bit of a gruesome backstory. In short, the Maha Kola Sanni Yaka was born right before his mother’s execution due to adultery. It was said that the child consumed his mother’s body and was then turned into the demon. As a way to get revenge on his father, he created the 18 demons of illness. He then spread these demons all over his city to cause sickness everywhere.

This story may sound a little far-fetched and that might be because it is. It’s way more interesting to blame your cold on an illness-causing demon than to say that you shouldn’t have gone out in the rain without a jacket!

Final Thoughts…..

Although these mythical creatures are all part of centuries of folklore, you can’t help but wonder if there could possibly be some truth behind them right? The only thing about these theories is that that never seems to be anyone who can confirm the legend! I guess that’s the whole fun and mystery of it all!

Come to Sri Lanka and join the fun of all the legends and folklore! Just don’t use these legends as bedtime stories!

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