16 Best Portugal Hikes and Trails

4th February 2019

Portugal is not just about impressive coasts and picturesque towns but is also getting famous for adventurous traveling and hiking trails. Boasting of dramatic coastal scenery and incredible mountain landscapes, there are still some regions that have been barely explored by travelers.

It doesn’t matter where you are in Portugal; there are some wonderful paths and great hiking trails almost everywhere. Look for those hidden places to explore just outside the cities and experience some fantastic sceneries.  

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For those who are finding it difficult to make up their mind, here are some top picks when hiking in Portugal.

1 – Rota Vicentina for long distance hikes

Rota Vicentina hike

If you are looking for long-distance hiking trails, then head for Rota Vicentina. Located on the southwestern point in Europe, the trail covers 450km and boasts of jaw-dropping cliff scenery. The trial will take you through rustic villages and across the plains and along the coastline.

2 – Lousã hiking trails up the mountain

Enjoy the dramatic hiking trails of Coimbra Lousã that will take you up the mountain. As the hike is difficult and steep make sure that you have the strength and endurance. The trial will take you through the forests, fountains with springs and ancient schist villages. Enjoy stunning views during your trip.

3 – Óbidos for an interesting hiking trail

An increasing number of local and tourists head for Óbidos for both hiking and biking. If you are an outdoors enthusiast, you should not miss out on those miss out on those interesting hiking trails. Várzea da Rainha is one of most popular and links Óbidos to the Praia do Bom Sucesso beach.

4 – Parque Nacional de Penada-Gerês for a criss-cross

Parque Nacional de Penada-Gerês hiking

Parque Nacional de Penada-Gerês, the only national park in Portugal is located towards the northwest. Boasting of a magnificent area with the best nature, there is ample opportunity here for outdoor lovers. Apart from hiking, one can enjoy kayaking, horse riding and more.

5 – Borba-Serra d’Ossa for impressive views

Borba-Serra d’Ossa is located in the beautiful Alentejo region. Because of the architecture and the use of white marble, it is also known as the “white gold.” You can explore the Chapel and Village of São Gregório which is located below the high mountains.

6 – Peneda Gerês National Park for well-designed routes

Peneda Gerês National Park is indeed a paradise for the hikers and bikers. One can explore the whole park on foot, thanks to the well-signaled routes that take you across the mountains, forests, and valleys. You cross dreamy landscapes and touristic villages on the way.

7 – Penafiel for picturesque old villages

Located close to Porto, the Penafiel hike takes you through picturesque old villages. This is your chance to get an insight into local life and understand the culture.  On the way, you will cross the Monastery of Saviour of Paço de Sousa, which is a beautiful Romanesque church that dates back to the 10th-century.

8 – Serra da Estrela for leisurely walks

Serra da Estrela hiking

Serra da Estrela has several tracks and routes for hiking in the nature park. One finds an ideal setting here for hiking as the weather conditions are just perfect. May and October are ideal, and you can breathe in pure fresh air and enjoy stunning views all around.

9 – Montesinho Natural Park for undisturbed nature

Located in the northeastern part of Portugal, Montesinho is almost cut off from the rest of the country and thus offer the most undisturbed nature. The hiking trails will take you through the region that is virtually isolated. Walk up to Serra de Montesinho, the highest peak in the region or take a stroll towards the village of Dine.

10 – Sintra for hiking through monuments

Sintra is a charming town just a short distance away from the Capital of Lisbon. The town, which is located in the Sintra Mountains is just perfect for hiking. The two most popular hiking routes take you to the most impressive monuments here, Palacio de Pena and Moorish castle. Other exciting monuments where you can hike to include The Chalet da Condessa D’Edla and Vila Sassi.

11 – Mafra for an exciting and fun experience

Your walking trips through Mafra will take you across different villages and beaches. So, you get a mix of outdoor fun and adventure. Enjoy your hikes as you cross through different natural environments and interact with the locals.

12 – The Algarve for an off the beaten track

algarve hiking

The southern region of Portugal lures tourists for its sun, sea, and sand. However, hikers come here to explore the off beaten tracks as there is still a lot to discover in the Algarve. Hikers can walk through different routes that will take them through region’s northern villages and some historical towns.

Check out our full guide on all the best Algarve hiking trails!

13 – Costa do Estoril walks for beautiful nature

Hiking in Costa do Estoril is just the best way to discover every element of natural forms that make this region.  When you hike in this region, you will come across the Poets Park and the Marechal Carmona Park. Enjoy the experience and feel mother nature very close to you.

14 – Madeira for volcanic nature

Madeira is a main island of Portugal that has been cast adrift out in the Atlantic Ocean. The island is just perfect for hiking because of the volcanic nature of land made of pointed, soaring peaks. The best hiking route is around Pico Ruivo that will take you to the top and then down to the village of Ilha. Another popular route is Vereda da Encumeada that will take you along the mountain pass.

15 – Alentejo for exciting routes and paths

Alentejo promises you plenty of privileged places and beautiful landscapes that are filled with exciting routes and paths. Explore Sierra de São Mamede Nature Park on foot or on a bike. Spread across thousands of acres, this is your chance to get in touch with Nature and go on the routes that pass through hills, valleys, and streams.

16 – Setúbal as a beautiful destination

If you love walking, hiking or trekking, then head for the beautiful destination of Setúbal. With so many different walking trails across the reserve, park or beach, you can pick what you like. Percurso dos Moinhos Trail is meant for those looking for longer hikes, and the trailer will take you through beautiful vegetation and the windmills. Percurso dos Gaiteiros Trail and Percurso São Filipe Trail are other favorites and offer panoramic views. But with the longer hiking times here, make sure to wear the correct hiking footwear

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With over 500 trails all over Portugal, outdoor enthusiasts are spoilt for hiking and trekking choices. Here are the 16 best Portugal hikes and trails.

With over 500 trails all over Portugal, outdoor enthusiasts are spoilt for hiking and trekking choices. Here are the 16 best Portugal hikes and trails.

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