Is Travelling For Healthcare Becoming The New Normal?

15th January 2019

Today, we hear an increasing number of stories about people travelling abroad for healthcare. Known as medical tourism, heading overseas for a procedure is becoming the new normal for a growing number of people but with impressive clinics and more affordable costs, it’s easy to understand why. Here, we’re taking a closer look to see if this could become the new norm for the healthcare industry, below.

No Waiting Lists

Medical tourism has shown such exponential growth in recent years and this is not least due to the shorter waiting lists abroad. In most cases, people can get an appointment much quicker than they would in their own country. The UK and USA are notorious for excessive waiting lists, particularly where opt-in surgeries are concerned.

Hair Transplants

Hair transplants, in particular, have become a common procedure abroad and understandably so. Expert hair transplants in Turkey alone offer costs of just £1,000 – £2,500 compared to the more expensive $4000 – $8000 in the USA, or £3,000 – £30,000 in the UK. There are a variety of different types of hair transplant procedures for patients to opt for abroad, including afro hair transplants and FUE hair transplants, and with the right clinics, you’ll be treated by fully qualified and talented surgeons. You could even get a holiday out of your trip!

Explore The Country

When you opt to travel abroad for surgery, you have the opportunity to explore a new country both before and in some cases, after the procedure. Typically patients need to remain in the country for about a week or two after some treatments in the case that any side effects arise, which provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy a short holiday.

Better Recovery Opportunities

Whether you opt for a non or minimally invasive procedure, or you’re seeking out a more in-depth medically surgery, you’re likely to see better recovery opportunities while abroad. If you need to spend time in hospital after your treatment, you can do so in better comfort than you might in your home country. With lesser demand for beds than in the UK or USA, for example, a patient could relax during their recovery for as long as they need without the pressure of having to give up their bed. For this reason, countless patients are opting for some of the bigger surgeries overseas so they can truly recover without excess stress.

Excellent Customer Service

Many clinics abroad are particularly hot on offering some of the best customer service in the industry, particularly to clients who are travelling to them from overseas. When undergoing any treatment, patients are likely to feel vulnerable and possibly a little scared, and so a smiling face and good customer service is important.

Clinics overseas, particularly those specialising in medical tourism, tend to have multilingual staff or translators on hand, so there isn’t a language barrier in the way and the patient can feel at ease. Understanding the procedure and what a patient will be going through is vital to any treatment, and most clinics won’t offer anything but the best. Any support that patients require will be given to them by the company that they choose to use for their treatment, so they won’t feel alone before or after their procedure.

Prices Are Cheaper

With medical tourism, you get the best of both worlds; low prices and high quality treatment. Many clinics and hospitals hire the best accredited surgeons in the industry, so you can rest assured that you are in the safest and most skilled hands even when abroad. With a bit of research into the surgeons on hand, you can work out their experience and pick the best candidates for performing your surgery.

Despite lower prices, you’ll be getting a high-quality treatment with some clinics, particularly as medical tourism becomes a more common feature of the healthcare industry. More and more companies abroad are adapting their services to suit patients from overseas, though it’s important to ensure you do your research, rather than opting for the cheapest price that you can find.

Affordable Packages

Following on from the above, some companies that offer healthcare overseas provide very affordable packages for their patients due to the need to travel. With accommodation, the surgery, consultations, support and flights usually all taken care of, they ensure that any worry or stress is removed and eliminated for the patient. These packages are a lot cheaper and often less stressful than if a patient was to book the trip in separate parts; so many people opt for this option.

The price of one of the packages that includes everything could still be cheaper than treatment in some countries. In the USA for example, healthcare is incredibly expensive, so travelling abroad can come at a real bargain.

From all of the benefits of medical tourism, it is easy to see why people opt for it opposed to staying in their country for their procedures. While it isn’t the ‘norm’ quite yet, as publicity increases and the world adapts to increasing demand, it could soon become a staple part of the healthcare industry.

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5 thoughts on "Is Travelling For Healthcare Becoming The New Normal?"

  • I think by far the number one factor is the fact that the cost is usually cheaper. Much more cheaper that even after factoring in the cost of an air ticket especially when the specific healthcare isn’t covered by your insurance.

  • It is great blog post about health problems. Helpful and Informative blog. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Medit says:

    Healthcare abroad may be really affordable indeed. I know many Americans who travel to other countries because of that.

  • Yvonne says:

    Wow, seriously? Thank you for this story about healthcare. It’s indeed what I’m looking for. I could not ask for more details. You already made this one factual.

  • I highly agree that medical tourism is effective. Besides the excellent customer service, the medical bills in other countries are relatively cheaper as well. My grandfather is looking for a medical services clinic that offers medical tourism as one of their therapeutical packages, we would appreciate if ever someone could help us out.

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