Top 10 Must-Haves For Your Ireland Road Trip

23rd October 2018

Have you already booked your flight and accommodation for your Ireland trip and are now in the packing stages, wondering what essentials you need to survive your trip?

If this is your first time visiting a foreign country, you no doubt have a long list of things that you think are important, but people often over pack and end up wishing they’d left half the stuff at home.

Check out the list below, which narrows down that long list to focus on what you really need for your much-awaited Ireland adventure:

#1 Car Insurance 

This is the essence of any road trip. Car insurance provides you with safety and peace of mind as you go through long travels. You don’t need to worry about having car trouble along the road, and most importantly, are covered for any damage in the case of an accident. You can get online car insurance in Ireland at You can also compare car insurance quotes to find the best coverage for your needs.

Road-tripping on two wheels? Then use a specialised website where you can find cheap motorbike insurance quotes.

#2 Rainproof Clothes 

Rain is quite a common phenomenon in Ireland, so be well prepared for it. Long sleeves and fleece leggings will keep you warm with the rainy weather.

But if you opt to travel light, just bring a parka or an umbrella.  If you want to avoid cleaning dirty footwear, you can also buy rain boots. Use your layers for warmth and pack a lightweight waterproof jacket which can be easily rolled up and tucked into your backpack or handbag.

#3 Hiking / Comfortable Footwear 

Most of the scenic views of Ireland will require hiking and walking, so to avoid having blisters or damaging your footwear, it’s best to bring a suitable pair of shoes.

If you have comfortable sports shoes, you can use those too – what’s important is that your footwear keeps you comfortable during those long, scenic walks.

#4 Lightweight Backpack

Don’t bring your luggage with you all the time. If you’re heading out for a day trip or even overnight in a small town, put your essentials in a lightweight backpack. You can choose from many foldable backpacks available. This will save you some dragging your big backpack or suitcase everywhere with you and lets you bring just the essentials.

#5 Printouts of Flight Itineraries and Hotel Accommodation

This is usually presented during the acquisition of your visa, but just for safety purposes, keeping a copy will keep you secure – especially if Irish immigration asks for proof of return to the country of origin.

#6 Local Emergency Contact

If you have a local friend in Ireland, keep their contact number so you’ll have someone to call in case of an emergency. Keep a copy of their numbers handy for easy contact.

#7 Security Pouch

Keeping a security pouch and putting your passport, money and other personal belongings inside will give you less hassle in the case that somebody asks for identification. By keeping your personal belongings in a secure pouch, you get to access your important things without rummaging around in a backpack!

#8 UK-Compatible Adapter

UK appliances operate on 220 volts and US appliances operate on 110 volts. In order to connect to an Irish outlet, you will need a different adapter if you have US-bought gadgets. While most recent gadgets can operate in both systems, it’s best to use the adapter to avoid damaging your devices. These adapters are cheap and can be bought from hardware stores.

#9 Snacks and Water

Always bring food with you as you will never know what you will encounter along the road. No road trip is complete without a selection of snacks, and as you head out into the quiet back roads of Ireland, you’ll be grateful you have something to munch on between pubs.

#10 Travel Insurance

This is optional, of course, but just like car insurance, having travel insurance will give you peace of mind knowing that you are covered in case you encounter any accidents or illnesses.

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Are you planning an exciting Ireland road trip? Be prepared with this list of must-haves for any road-bound Ireland adventure!

Are you planning an exciting Ireland road trip? Be prepared with this list of must-haves for any road-bound Ireland adventure!

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