A Guide to Capri - Italy's Island Getaway

21st August 2018

The island of Capri is a small ferry ride away from the city of Naples. It’s a place where tourists can see unimaginable beauty, relax at some of the world’s best beaches, dine at amazing restaurants and shop at top brand stores – it’s a complete package and a wonderful place to go.

There are many opportunities available for visitors, including sightseeing, shopping, Capri Yacht Excursion, or partying.

Capri is elegant, scenic and all the while humble in its grandeur. It is a place where you can relax on the beach, enjoy star-gazing, take advantage of the natural beauty the island has to offer and enjoy the hottest places on this gorgeous island.

Capri Island

If you’d really like to encounter the actual island of Capri, you must stay at least a single night here.

The famous island is far more appealing once the sun sets and the herds of day-trippers ride the final ferry to return to the mainland.

The Beaches and Other Places of Interest

capri cliffs

The stunning cliffs along the Capri coastline

Marina Grande Public Beach

The Marina Grande Public Beach is your first glimpse of Capri when you arrive at the island on a ferry. It’s a scenic place which has a beautifully exotic blend of man-made color, natural scenic beauty in the background, and a whole lot of awesome hues that look like paint on a canvas.

Here, you can find so much to do – purchase some souvenirs at the nearby shops, dine at the local eateries, or book a private boat tour. If you’re feeling tired and want to relax, the beach is the perfect place to laze away many a long afternoon.

Bagni Tiberio Capri – Italian Restaurant with Beach Area

Just to the left of the ferry ticket offices, a smaller pier has free “gozzo” boats that will take you to Bagni Tiberio.

This area is near Emperor Augustus’ ancient seaside villa, and the beach club is extremely popular with the local families. It’s a great place, with many shaded spots to provide an escape from the hot sun, and it’s close to Marina Grande. This is an amazing area to spend time in if you’re in Capri for the day.

Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola was the first port used by emperors. Today, however, it’s a place which caters to royalty – full of luxury yachts and private beach clubs. If you’re on a tight budget, you can enjoy the equally beautiful smaller beaches next to Lo Scoglio Delle Sirene.

Bagni Internazionnali Capri – Beach Club & Restaurant

This Italian, Mediterranean seafood restaurant opened in the 1930’s and to this day retains that retro charm. With two levels to choose from, you can either be on the pebbles next to the water or go higher up and look over the Marina Piccola beach. With good, soulful food and a nice atmosphere, you’ll love dining at this venue.

Nearby Amalfi and Sorrento

capri town

Capri Town

Sorrento is perhaps one of the most popular tourist places because of its unique beauty and excellent connections with Capri, Positano, Amalfi, and Pompeii.  For tourists, there are a bunch of different budget options when it comes to hotels, apartments, B&BS, dining, and shopping.

While Sorrento is excellent for its connections with many tourist destinations, it is also a modern city with busy traffic and crowded tourist spots. It is not as sophisticated as the connecting islands mentioned above, but it is a great place to start your journey.

The Amalfi coast has beautiful, serene cliffside villages, rocky coastlines, and is one of the most romantic and beautiful places in the world. This is where you want to soak in the beauty, and most of the time, a single day isn’t enough.

Reaching the coast for day trips isn’t as easy, especially if you’d like to visit Pompeii, Herculaneum, Naples, and Capri.

Arriving at Capri

capri coast

Capri coast

Capri truly should be seen during the more peaceful evening and night hours, when all you’ll hear is the calming sound of the breeze and waves hitting the coast. Be sure to check your ferry and flight times; if you’re arriving later or departing early, you will likely need to spend the night in Naples.

To reach Capri, take a ferry into Marina Grande. From here, you’ll get your first glimpse of the multi-coloured houses looking out over the harbour graced with small fishing boats. The whole scene is backed by beautiful mountains.

The island’s main city is also named Capri and can be reached by cable car or a quick but steep walk up the hill at the back of the harbour. Long queues to ride the cable car might mean it’s quicker to walk, but consider the heat when doing this on a hot summer’s day.

capri marina

Capri Marina

The metropolis is exciting to explore, with old-fashioned streets, cute piazzas, and a huge range of stores and restaurants. The main square is known as the Piazzetta (Piazza Umberto) and offers extremely good views and quaint cafes.

Continuing south from Capri town, take the walking path or ride the bus to the smaller harbour of Marina Piccolo. Here you’ll find two small stone beaches, however, they can get extremely crowded in the higher seasons.

From these beaches, you can truly catch a sight of the dramatic rocky cliffs on the south-east side of Capri. These are known as the Faraglioni rocks and are one of the scenic highlights of the island. Another great viewpoint is from the garden terrace at the Augustus Garden, high up on the Krupp path.

Capri is beautiful, romantic, fun, fashionable, scenic and humble.

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