6 Best Things to do in Sweden

1st August 2018

Sweden is an amazing country with some truly unique activities and attractions for tourists to experience during their trip. If you’re heading there soon, why not add a few of these interesting ideas to your itinerary?

Take in the Architectural Splendour of Drottningholm Palace

Sweden’s seat of monarchical power is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a truly spectacular building by any standards.

From its majestic many-windowed frontage to its manicured gardens and picturesque lakes, Drottningholm Palace is a top site to visit. Its 17-century structure can be toured fairly extensively, in spite of it being a working residence for the current royal family.

Marvel at Lund Cathedral

With nearly a thousand years of history under its belt, Lund Cathedral is a major draw for visitors to Skane thanks to its imposing exterior, its creepy crypt and its impressive astronomical clock.

The interior of the cathedral is a very relaxing place to spend some time and take the weight off your feet after a busy day of exploring Lund itself. The unusually narrow windows mean that the ambient lighting is dim and you will really get a sense of the important role that this building has played in the region over the centuries.

Go for a Spin at Stockholm’s Casino Cosmopol

Housed in a stylish building right in the heart of the Swedish capital, Casino Cosmopol is a great place for gambling fans to get their kicks, or for casual players to try their luck across a number of games.

From traditional options like poker, blackjack and roulette to row after row of cutting edge slot machines, there’s a lot on offer in this highly recommended venue. If you don’t fancy gambling with the locals, you could always hole up in your hotel room, visit casumo.com/sv and enjoy online play in comfort with room service on tap.

Visit the Vasa Museum

There’s a reason that more people take a trip to the Vasa Museum than any other museum in Scandinavia; its home to a ship which sank almost 400 years ago and has since been recovered, revamped and opened to the public in all its glory.

Being able to see what life would have been like aboard the vessels that sailed the waters around Sweden in 1628 is an incredible opportunity. In fact, it’s the only ship of its kind that has been preserved in such immaculate condition. The museum itself has gorgeous gardens, entertaining exhibits for kids and places to eat and drink.

Soak up the Street Art of Boras

The city of Boras is home to some of the most incredible street art in the world, with entire buildings dedicated to intricately detailed pieces produced by renowned artists and local talent alike. Each year the No Limit festival sees new works added, further developing the reputation of this location as a must-see for people who realise that urban creativity goes well beyond Banksy.

For the uninitiated, guided tours of the various works can be arranged ahead of time. Or if you prefer to discover things on your own, taking a stroll around the city is also a good way to see what it has to offer.

Kayak off the coast of Gothenburg

When you visit Gothenburg, you’ll be on the doorstep of a beautiful archipelago which can be experienced in a number of ways. The best option is to hire a kayak or a canoe and paddle out into the crystalline waters under your own steam.

This is obviously an activity that is best suited to the warmer months of the year, when the long hours of daylight will let you make the most out of your time bobbing about in the sea. You can also visit other nearby locations, including lakes and canals, without having to squeeze onto a busy boat tour.

If any of these options for what to do in Sweden have caught your attention, then you should definitely consider them when organising a holiday. Even if you are only in the country for a short weekend break rather than a longer vacation, you should find plenty of diverting activities to make it memorable.

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