The 6 Most Exotic Destinations for Couples

The summer is here and some of us are still planning our holidays. We may not have the financial means to go to exotic destinations, but even when we discover them we mentally travel and relax. Let’s discover all the magical locations, perfect for fabulous holidays.

Krabi, Thailand

Krabi is a beautiful isolated island in Thailand. Krabi is the perfect place to spend your time on its beaches in shades of blue and green. The area has large resorts. Make sure you can try the local cuisine, which is easily available here. If you want to enjoy each other and gaze at the amazing sea view, Krabi is a great destination!

Island of St. Martin

If you are looking for secluded beaches, romantic restaurants, spa and many outdoor activities, then St. Martin is an excellent choice. The island is divided into French and Dutch parts. The differences in St. Martin’s culture are obvious – Dutch in the south and French to the north. The beaches of white sand are amazing and the cuisine is excellent.

Lamu, Kenya

Lamu is a tiny island off the coast of Kenya in East Africa. Despite the fact that most of Kenya’s coasts are filled with tourist facilities, Lamu is more isolated. It is one of the oldest and best-preserved islands of the African continent, and it is a centre for studies concerning Islam and Swahili. The streets of Lamu Town feature a distinctive Arabic pulse. Since there are no cars, you can only move with a pony or donkey. You can explore the small town and discover the local arts. There are also many deserted beaches with golden sand.

Togean Islands, Indonesia

They are located in one of the bays of the great Indonesian island of Sulawesi. The Togean Islands are one of the best exotic destinations for couples in Southeast Asia, especially if you dream of retreat in a secluded seaside cottage on a quiet beach with crystal clear waters. Spend your time by snorkelling, diving, enjoying the wildlife, or in a hammock on the beach.

Sometimes the locals organize an improvised party on the beach, where fresh fish and beer are abundant. You can also combine your stay at Togean Islands by moving to one of the luxury hotels in Bali. There’s a great variety to continue your holiday in a fabulous way.

Ile Royale, French Guiana

Ile Royale is an exotic destination with an exotic story. Between 1852 and 1939, Ile Royale was used as a French place of exile for convicts, along with the neighbouring islands: Ile Diable and Ile of St. Joseph. The islands are off the coast of French Guiana. Of the three, Ile Royale has the best tourist infrastructure and is an ideal place to spend with your loved one for a little quality time together. The small settlement has a beautiful harbor which is great for enjoying large meals overlooking the ocean.

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Another favorite destination for couples is located in the secluded Brazilian archipelago in the Fernando de Noronha complex. Probably here, the best thing is that the islands are virtually uninhabited. There are only a few people who serve discreetly to the tourists. That’s why you and your loved one can spend a lot of time enjoying each other in a paradise without too much disturbance. Wonderful beaches, exciting flora and fauna, excellent diving is why it’s one of the best exotic destinations for couples.

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