Keep Your Cool with These Top Packing Techniques

4th May 2018

Sometimes, the most stressful part of a vacation or trip is packing for it. Whether you’re packing a week in advance or last minute, you can significantly reduce pre-travel anxiety with the right packing techniques and still keep a level-headed attitude. Besides, the only things you should be worrying about during vacation is having fun and crossing everything off your itinerary!

Therefore, take a deep breath and use the following techniques to help you keep your cool during the packing process; you got this:

Utilize Packing Organizers

Instead of throwing everything into luggage, opt for utilizing packing cubes to not only organize your clothes but to compress them since doing so maximizes space. It will also enable you to find items quickly as opposed to feeling the need to dump everything out of your luggage and dig for a single item.

But packing organizers aren’t limited for luggage – if you plan on going on a road trip, use a car organizer to keep additional items such as food and drinks, additional luggage, or outdoor and sports equipment secure in the trunk.

Keep Track of Everything on a List

One of the worst feelings in the world is wondering whether or not you forgot something important. Before you start packing, create a list of all the clothing items and toiletries that are necessary to bring. Once you have a solid list of everything, you can then pack accordingly to it and know for a fact you are 100% prepared to travel and will leave nothing behind.

Become a Master at Packing a Carry-On

If you plan on traveling by plane, perfect the art of packing a carry-on. In it, you should pack your most valuable items and electronics, such as a phone, laptop, chargers, and identification documents like a passport and driver’s license. You never want to separate yourself from these things in checked luggage because loss and damage are common for airport baggage.

Most importantly, prepare for the worst such as a long layover or unexpected delay by keeping an extra change of clothes and toiletries in your carry-on. Unforeseen circumstances and delays happen all the time, so it’s best to be prepared for them no matter what.

Research Airport Baggage Policies

travel suitcase

Airports generally follow the same rule: the luggage can’t weigh over fifty pounds and if you surpass this limitation, you will either be asked to eliminate things from your luggage by throwing them away or pay an extra fee, which majority of the time, will start at $100.

Another thing to consider is the weight of your actual suitcase in addition to your items. Before you invest in the best travel luggage for you, make sure it’s both light and reliable. Stylish and expensive suitcases are not necessarily better! In fact, they may even promote more temptation for theft.

Minimize the Number of Items and Clothes You Bring

Packing minimally for a vacation not only take a literal weight off your back, but you also have less of your personal belongings to worry about! First, approach your wardrobe; research the weather of the destination ahead of time and choose clothes that accommodate to it. Don’t feel the need to bring multiple different outfits for every type of occasion. You can always re-wear items and even wash them at your lodging.

This is even applicable to a trip that lasts more than a week. However, follow the simple rule of thumb: pack clothing can be dressed both up and down, follow a general color palette of clothes so that everything complements one another, choose to bring a versatile jacket that can handle any weather, and limit yourself to bringing only two or three pairs of shoes.

Make Sure All Your Liquids Are Securely Sealed

You never want to be in the scenario where you open your luggage at your lodging accommodation only to find that your liquids have exploded in their containers and they stained majority or all your clothes. Therefore, the best course of action to take with liquids is to add a double-layer of protection. A popular tip people implement is placing a clear cling film underneath a liquid container’s cap since the film stays firmly in place in conjunction with it. The last precaution you can take is to keep all your liquids in one pouch.

In conclusion, before you jet off on vacation or a weekend-getaway, remove the huge stressor of packing a luggage by efficiently preparing for it. Many people have been your place; being on the verge of losing their cool during the packing process – but remember, our reactions towards stress can always be controlled. It just depends on the effort on our part. Last but not least, the only thing your energy should be focused on is having an unforgettable time during action, not constantly wondering whether or not you were able to pack everything you needed.

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Are you about to pack for a vacation? Take a deep breath and use the following techniques to help you keep your cool during the packing process.

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