Ultimate Luxury Vacations if Money Was Not an Issue

24th April 2018

People often daydream about jetting off for the ultimate luxury vacation. Unfortunately, for many, this is nothing more than a daydream as the cost of this type of holiday can be staggering. That does not mean it is not worth daydreaming of or thinking of where you would go if you had the funds. Plus, it might not be as unattainable in the near future.

Secluded Islands


Bora Bora

If money were no option, many people dream of travelling to secluded islands which provide a complete escape from their daily lives. There are many of these islands to choose from, but one which frequently tops “best island in the world” lists is Bora Bora. This tiny South Pacific island northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia is a luxury resort destination with a stunning dormant volcano, postcard-like beaches and clear waters that are perfect for scuba diving.

Islands like Bora Bora are often top of people’s lists for holiday destinations if money was not an issue because they are relaxation havens. The tropical weather, laid-back way of life and range of activities make them a very glamorous prospect. Additionally, these islands are often very quiet and secluded which can make for a refreshing change of pace from your more affordable sun, sea and sand destinations.

Glamorous Cities

New York City

Those that prefer a bit more action and excitement with their holiday are more likely to visit one of the many glamorous cities found around the world. Places like New York City, Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong are often at the top of people’s lists of cities to visit in their lifetime and it is easy to see why. Although expensive, these places have an electric energy about them which is hard to put into words. They allow you to immerse yourself in a different culture and live the high life by sampling the finest cuisine in the world, staying in luxury hotels, high-end shopping and seeing amazing cultural attractions.

Areas of Natural Beauty


If money was not an issue, there is a larger percentage of people that would visit the planet’s most beautiful areas and natural wonders. A few examples include Norway (where you could see the Northern Lights), Iceland, New Zealand and a handful of places in North America (Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone, Niagara Falls etc.). The world is a beautiful place, but it can cost a huge amount of money to travel and see these places which is what, unfortunately, stops many people from seeing these highlights in their lifetime.

Luxury Transportation

Private Jets

For many people, their idea of a dream vacation is not just about the destination. Lots of people dream of avoiding overcrowded plans and jetting off on a private jet. Thought of as a form of transport for the rich and famous, there are many benefits of flying on a private jet including peace and quiet, luxury facilities, no waiting at the airport and exceptional service.

Flying in a private jet certainly is a glamorous way to travel, but it has become much more affordable in recent times. This is down to the rise of the on-demand culture and services like Uber, which has now extended to the skies. Many companies offer affordable private jet charter and particularly if you book onto an empty leg flight. Most jets are only chartered one way, so you can make big savings by booking on the return flight. The departure airport, destination airport and time of flight are all predetermined, but it is an excellent way to experience this unique and exhilarating form of travel.



Another form of luxury transportation that many people dream of experiencing is cruise ships. These impressive vessels are packed full of all kinds of amazing facilities and feature a world-class service whilst taking passengers to incredible places all around the world. It provides all the adventure of a backpacking trip but with facilities that enable you to completely unwind and live the high life. Interestingly, this form of transportation has also become cheaper in recent years with the industry looking to target a much wider demographic. In fact, there are cruises targeted towards all kinds of audiences, including families, young professionals, music lovers, singles etc.

Everybody has dreamt of their ultimate luxury vacation, but often these remain a dream which people never get to realise. This is a shame, as a luxury vacation can broaden your horizons, allow you to recharge your batteries and provide you with memories for life. Whether this is chartering a private jet to a secluded island or visiting one of the many glamorous cities around the world, you may find that it is more affordable than you think and particularly when there are options such as chartering a private jet or embarking on a cruise which are now cheaper than ever.

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