How To Travel The World As A Language Au Pair

27th August 2017

Dreaming of travelling the world and learning about new cultures but have no how idea how to fund it? If you love spending time with children and have a sense of adventure then we have the perfect solution for you. Travel the world by becoming a language au pair and experience authentic cultural and language exchanges.

What Is A Language Au Pair?

You will live with a host family in their home and be provided with free accommodation and meals in exchange for teaching them conversational language skills. It’s as simple as that. A language au pair is not the same as a traditional au pair job because you will not necessarily be responsible for the children’s care or for doing household chores. Your primary responsibility towards your host family is to coach them in learning your native language.

What Are The Benefits?

There are so many! First of all, you get to travel and have an experience that goes beyond what you get as a tourist. Obviously you will spend a considerable amount of time with your host family, however, you will still have free time and days off for exploring on your own too. If you are joining the family over any vacation time you will likely travel with them and have all your expenses paid.

You get to completely immerse yourself in a new culture and see the country you are staying in through the eyes of people who live there. Mealtimes with your host family are an excellent time to practice conversational skills in a relaxed setting while eating traditional and home cooked food. Being a language au pair is a truly unique way to travel and you will create lifelong memories and friends. Most language au pairs come to think of their host families as second families.

Become a Language Au Pair in Venice

Don’t think of travelling as a language au pair as simply time out either. You are working and will learn valuable skills and experiences such as how to be resourceful, adaptable, communicate effectively and creatively problem solve. You’ll learn a lot about yourself while you are away from home on your own and understand the world from a broader perspective. Your confidence, self-sufficiency and independence will improve no end.

You will learn another language or improve the skills you already have. And there might even be an opportunity for you to take classes. Depending on the type and length of contract you have with your host family you may also be paid a small salary and receive personal vacation days. In many European countries, it is a requirement by law that host families pay a salary to language au pairs and some may also contribute to things like health insurance costs.

Things to Consider

Obviously, you will be away from home for extended periods of time, so if you have never done that before you need to think about how this would be for you. Also, kids are kids and there is no guarantee that the children you are teaching will be 100% well behaved the whole time. They might throw tantrums or lose interest in learning at times so you’ll need to have some patience and creativity up your sleeve.

What Qualifications Do You Need?

Become a Language Au Pair in Barcelona

Because you will be providing conversation tuition through everyday life activities you do not need any teaching qualifications and will not be expected to plan or deliver formal lessons. You should, however, have an interest in people and desire to help people learn and improve. You will need to be between 18-30 years of age and not have any dependents. It’s also important to be committed, responsible, fun, caring and sociable.

What Else Do You Need To Know?

Through Lingoo it’s free to create a language au pair profile and then it’s just a small fee per year to actively seek your perfect host families. All our host families go through a stringent validation process to ensure your safety and you can get to know them through our online secure messaging service to guarantee that they are the right choice for you.

With Lingoo, you have complete control over where you stay and for how long. So if you fancy a few months or weeks in the countryside with one family, then a spell in a bustling city with another family, it’s completely your call. You will discuss the full details of your contract with your host family before you enter into to make sure that you are both happy.

Become a Language Au Pair in Copenhagen

Rules vary from country to country so you do need to check your individual visa entry requirements and there are different regulations in some countries for working hours and required insurances. You also need to bear in mind the cost of your flights as this will not be paid for by your host family.

But Lingoo are there to help with all of that, so what are your waiting for? Start planning your adventure of a lifetime and make your travel dreams come true.

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