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29th July 2017

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our own travel content agency – Travel Content Collective. In our last Digital Nomad Desires post, we broke down the areas we have been working on in order to earn more money as we travel, so to eventually sustain this nomadic lifestyle. One of those areas of concentration was building our new travel content agency, an idea that’s been in the back of our minds since we left the UK back in August 2016.

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Find out about our new travel content agency. We've been working hard to build a new website and team to offer writing services and more to travel brands.

The travel content agency has particularly taken up a lot of my time while we lived in Ubud, Bali. The peacefulness of the place allowed us to settle down for a couple of months and work without too many distractions. The setting of our villa amongst rice fields was perfect.

How we Built our Travel Content Agency

As you may know, we’ve both been working hard for the past year. It hasn’t all been a long vacation, which is how a lot of you may view our lifestyle. No, in fact, we’ve been developing heaps of new skills through the launch and development of our travel blog – Finding Beyond.

Of course, we’ve spent plenty of time travelling through countries such as Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Java, but most of the year was spent living in Thailand and Bali while learning the skills needed to become potential successful travel bloggers.

Copywriting, SEO (search engine optimisation), social media marketing and website development are just a few of the new skills we now have under our belts, and like a lot of other travel bloggers, we have already started offering those skills to freelance clients with some great feedback.

Travel Content Collective was Born

So we thought, why not shout about this a bit more by building a website to advertise those services, and better yet, let’s build a small team around us so we can expand on those services in terms of both expertise and quantity.

To keep our start-up costs as low as possible, I built the website myself using an excellent WordPress theme. The world’s best-selling Wordpress theme in fact. There were plenty of hurdles to jump in order to get it looking right but we think it looks good for our initial website while we pitch to new clients.

Travel Content Collective Logo

Travel Content Collective Logo

We paid a logo designer to design our Travel Content Collective logo and a writer to write our first few blog posts for the website. Blogging is a key part of online marketing and we’re really pleased with the writer we found. With our direction, he’s written some great posts about online marketing for travel brands which we can share on social media soon.

The Company’s USP

The area we want to concentrate on is written content for travel brands – travel articles, blog posts, guides and website copy. We’re aware that there are already many content agencies out there, but there are very few that specialise in the travel niche. This is where we come in.

Everyone on our team is a real traveller. Like us, they’ve been on the road for years and visited many countries all over the world. We all have a genuine shared passion for travel. All the team are professional travel writers, already offering their expertise to their own travel clients, big and small. Our team of travel writers have lived their words which make our travel content agency stand out in the world of travel brand marketing.

Who are the Team?

Our team of awesome travel content creatives are a mix of fellow travel bloggers and social media influencers who we’ve met on the road in the past year, or professionals who I have discovered using various online platforms. They’re all excellent at what they do and we really hope we can get them more work through Travel Content Collective.

Digital Nomad Desires Bali Update

Working by our pool in Bali

Then, of course, there’s Shelley and me. My background is working at London-based creative agencies as a Project Manager which involved working with clients and managing teams and projects, so managing our travel content agency will hopefully come naturally to me. Shelley will be looking after the social media projects like she’s already doing for her own clients and our blog.

The Next Stage

The next stage for us is to start our own marketing plan so to hopefully gain some clients. While we’re back in the UK house sitting for a couple of months, we’ll be spending much of that time researching and reaching out to potential clients. Sales are not really our forte but we don’t have anyone else to do it for us! Wish us luck everyone! 🙂

Do you Know Anyone who Works in the Travel Sector?

Do you know anyone who works in the travel sector? Maybe you know someone who works for a travel related company? Or someone who works for a marketing agency that potentially has its own travel clients? We’d love you to pass on our details, or even better, pass their details to us so we can get in touch with them to see if they need any of our services. And if you’re a professional travel writer looking for work, we’d love to hear from you too! 

You can find our Finding Beyond contact details on this page. Or check out the Travel Content Collective website and contact us from there.

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Find out about our new travel content agency. We've been working hard to build a new website and team to offer writing services and more to travel brands.

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