Ubud Rice Fields Walk: 3 of the Best to see Rural Bali

26th July 2017

The great thing about visiting or living in Ubud is the gorgeous sprawling countryside just a few steps from the centre of town. During our two months living in the area, one of our favourite things to do was get out into the numerous nearby Ubud walks amongst rice fields and rice terraces. Ubud town is a beautiful place, but it gets busy during the day so you’ll often want to find somewhere to escape the crowds and heavy traffic. Going on an Ubud rice fields walk is the perfect remedy.

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For something free to do in Ubud, Bali, go on an Ubud rice fields walk. In this post, we share our 3 favourite easy Ubud walks to see rural Bali.

In this article, we’ll show you three of our favourite easy Ubud rice field walks, all of which take you through rural Bali where smiling rice farmers attend their crops and remote villas scatter the hillsides. For each Ubud rice fields walk, we’ll show you how to get there, what you’ll see and a recommended stop for food and drinks.

The Cafe Ubud Rice Fields Walk

Ubud Rice Fields Walk

Once the cafes stop, the rice fields just keep going

The most popular of Ubud walks doesn’t have a name so we’ve named it The Cafe Ubud Rice Fields Walk because of all the cafe options along the route. This walk is the most central to Ubud town which is why there is more development of warungs and coffee shops along the path. However, it’s by no means over developed, not yet anyway.

As you leave Ubud centre, the start of this Ubud rice fields walk is lined with small warungs and guesthouses so the views are not revealed until a few minutes later. As the warungs become less frequent, the rice fields can be seen on both sides. The fields are in large numbers on this walk and if you’re lucky you may see farmers attending to their crop. The path doesn’t seem to end, we kept walking for around 45 minutes until we decided to turn back.

As we previously mentioned, this Ubud rice fields walk offers plenty of coffee shops and warungs which provide spectacular views. The most popular is Cafe Pomegranate, a stylish circular cafe with 180 degrees views of bright green rice fields.

Ubud Rice Fields Walk Farmers

Rice harvest time for the local farmers

How to get there

From Ubud Palace, walk West down JL Raya Ubud until the shops finish (less than 10 minutes). Take the first road on the right (there’s a concrete beam going overhead on JL Raya Ubud at this point). Keep walking up the small road (about 2 minutes) until it snakes to the left, you’ll see a narrow path on the right side which separates itself from the road by a concrete wall. This path is the start of The Cafe Ubud Rice Fields Walk.

  • Central Ubud location
  • Popular with tourists
  • Views of rice fields
  • Rural life
  • Cafe Pomegranate for best views (20 minutes from start of path)
  • Duration – As long as you want

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Campuhan Ridge Walk

Ubud Rice Fields Walk Along Campuhan Ridge

The ridge walk before the start of the village

What makes this Ubud rice fields walk a bit different from the rest is that the main part of the path does not go through any rice fields. Instead, the route takes you over the top of one of Ubud’s many ridges, offering great views over the valleys on both sides.

The Campuhan Ridge Walk is popular at sunset so if you prefer your walks a little less crowded then we recommend going in the morning or middle of the afternoon.

Once you reach the end of the ridge path we recommend to keep walking straight through the pleasant village of Bangkiang Sidem until you reach Karsa Kafe. While passing through the village, there are a few painting and craft shops, small warungs and a handful of accommodation options. Once you get to Karsa Kafe, reward yourself with a drink while over looking one of Ubud’s best rice terrace views.

Ubud Rice Fields Walk Along Campuhan Ridge

Rice field views from Karsa Kafe

How to get there

Get yourself to where the driveway and sign to Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas & Spa meets the main JL Raya Ubud (10-15 minute walk from Ubud Palace). Follow the small road and turn left where the road forks. The road then drops down a steep slope. Do not cross the bridge at the bottom, instead, the Campuhan Ridge Walk starts at the small path to the right of the bridge.

  • Central Ubud location
  • Popular with tourists at sunset
  • Views of palm trees and hillsides
  • Village life
  • Karsa Kafe for amazing rice terrace views
  • Duration – 30 minutes to Karsa Cafe. 30 minutes back again on the same path.

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Penestanan Rice Field Walk

Ubud Rice Fields Walk in Penestanan

Amazing rice terraces in Penestanan

For an Ubud rice fields walk with far fewer tourists we recommend heading to Penestanan. Penestanan is a village 4km away from Ubud town and is quickly growing in popularity as Ubud centre gets busier and busier. We lived in Penestanan during our 2 months living in Ubud.

This Penestanan rice field walk is located at the most northern part of the village which is furthest away from Ubud town. The remote location makes it the best Ubud rice field walk to see rural Bali without the interruptions of Udud tourism. There are no warungs or cafes along this path, just acres of rice fields and terraces with welcoming farmers and locals going about their business.

There are a couple of great spots to grab a drink or something to eat at either end of the walk. At the Penestanan end, we recommend Oasis Yoga N Cafe and Paddy Point. Both are extremely peaceful spots to enjoy a meal or drink while overlooking local rice fields. At the other end of the path which meets JL Raya Lungsiakan, there’s a nice place called Terracotta Restaurant with breathtaking views across the rice fields of Penestanan.

Ubud Rice Fields Walk in Penestanan

Stopping to take in the views

How to get there

If you’re not staying in Penestanan, take a taxi to Warung Ting Ting which is located at the furthest point where cars cannot go any further. Walk up the small road to the left of Warung Ting Ting and turn right at the top. Here, the road turns into a footpath with villas on both sides. Keep walking, you’ll pass Oasis Cafe on the left, go past it (unless you want a drink) with the small rice field to your left.

Continue straight on, you’ll reach the awesome Paddy Point on the right (say hello to Nek the owner, he’s a lovely guy) and then take the path which snakes around Paddy Point to the right. Keep going, don’t take any of the left turns, you’ll then reach some trees where the path starts. The path continues for 30 minutes until you reach JL Raya Lungsiakan. The walk can be started from both ends.

  • Penestanan location
  • Almost no tourists
  • Views of rice fields
  • Village and rural life
  • Great drinking and eating options at both ends.
  • Duration – Around 30 minutes.

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These aren’t all the Ubud rice field walks in the area. There are many more located around Ubud, some of which you may discover yourself by curiously wandering up a small road or path. Or why not book a guided Bali Ubud Tour by Trip Guru which includes some walks amongst the rice fields while covering some other Ubud highlights on the same day.

That’s the wonderful thing about Ubud, at the moment, rural Bali is on its doorstep, but we noticed worrying signs of overdevelopment in certain areas so we’re not sure how long these Ubud rice field views will last. Take a walk now while you can!

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For something free to do in Ubud, Bali, go on an Ubud rice fields walk. In this post, we share our 3 favourite easy Ubud walks to see rural Bali.

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