Tep Wireless Review: Travel WiFi for Digital Nomads

22nd July 2017

As Digital Nomads and travellers, the availability and reliability of WiFi in the countries we travel to have become extremely important to us. We need to get online almost every day so access to a WiFi connection is something you’ll see us seeking regularly. Reading and replying to emails, updating social media, writing articles, research and editing photos are just a handful of our daily tasks which rely on a steady internet connection.

Every digital nomad should be using a VPN – Virtual Private Network. We’ve tried dozens of VPNs but found NordVPN to be the most reliable in terms of speed, ease of use, customer service and value for money. The perfect partner for Tep Wireless.

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In this Tep wireless review, we'll explain why the Tep wireless device is an essential travel tool for every digital nomad travelling the world.

THE PROBLEM – The challenge for all fellow digital nomads and travellers is finding that reliable internet connection. It’s not as easy as you might assume. Sure, the WiFi available in your hometown might be great, but as you move from town to town, city to city and especially country to country, that availability can change dramatically. It might be 2017 but it often doesn’t feel like it in many countries around the world.

THE ANSWER – We were pleased to discover the Tep Wireless device, a mobile wireless device which we, and you, can use all over the world to access WiFi whenever needed!

In this Tep wireless review, we’ll explain how it works, pricing, coverage, speed, uses and how you get your hands on one.

Tep Wireless Review

tep wifi device

Wifi device, battery charger and carry case

So what is a Tep Wireless device? It’s a mobile wireless internet device (also known as pocket wifi, mobile hotspots, or MiFi) that connects to your phone, tablet or laptop to provide you with a reliable internet connection.

The Tep Wireless device connects to local mobile (cellular) networks for internet access. This means you can have your own personal WiFi connection wherever there is mobile (cell) service. The Tep device connects to a local 3G/4G mobile network and creates a private Wi-Fi connection that can be shared with all your connectable devices. There’s now no need to pay those expensive mobile network roaming fees when you go on vacation or backpacking.

This really is a game changer for digital nomads and travellers who need WiFi when on the road.

How it Works

Getting a Tep wireless device works on a rental basis for as long or as little as you want. Order online before you take your trip (10 days before is recommended) and the Tep wireless device will be shipped to your home.

It’ll arrive in a neat little carry protective case which contains the Tep wireless device and a mobile battery charger so you can even charge on the move! Simply turn the device on and log in using the details provided on the screen. That’s it! In just a few seconds you’ll have your very own private WiFi connection that you can connect to up to 5 devices.

When you’re back home from your trip, use the packaging provided to send it back to Tep at no cost to you. If you feel like you’ll need a Tep wireless device for frequent trips then there’s also the option to buy the product and then pay for the WiFi service at a reduced cost when you need it.

tep wifi device in the park

Using the Tep WiFi in a London park

Where Does it Work?

At the time of writing this review, the Tep wireless device works in 93 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas. To see a full list of countries covered click here.

How Fast is the WiFi?

The speed of the WiFi provided will depend on the country and location you are visiting. Tep claims to partner with the biggest network operators across the world to make sure that you always have the greatest and fastest WiFi available to you.

What we Used the Tep Wireless Device For

We used our Tep wireless device while back in the UK. We’d been away for 1 year so wanted to spend the summer visiting friends and family. Certain family members have not got unlimited WiFi packages in their homes but it was important that we were still able to work without using up their data or the need to keep making trips to coffee shops.

We were also able to work in London parks, gardens, on the beach and while travelling between destinations. We had the freedom to work anywhere we wanted. We’d never experienced such freedom to choose where and when we work.

The Tep wireless device had no problems with the following uses:

  • Reading and sending emails
  • Social media
  • Internet browsing
  • Skype video calls
  • Whatsapp voice calls
  • Uploading and editing photos
  • Website development using WordPress
  • Streaming video on Youtube and Netflix
  • Streaming music on Spotify

How Much Does it Cost?

tep wifi device in the park

Freedom to work in the fresh air

The great thing about the Tep wireless device is that they don’t provide a heap of pricing options that’ll leave you scratching your head while trying to decide what’s best for you. In today’s internet obsessed world, Tep has made the decision to offer one fee for unlimited WiFi access in any of the countries covered.

Unlimited WiFi for short trips and family vacations –  £7.95 per day
Unlimited WiFi for frequent and business travellers – £85 for the device, then £5.50 per day.

We appreciate that this might be quite a high cost for some, so we recommend renting the Tep wireless device with a group of friends to split the cost. If you and four friends we’re going on a trip together you’d all have unlimited WiFi for less than £2 each!

When looking at accommodation reviews, one of the first things we used to look at is the WiFi score. We’ve too many times arrived at our choice of hotel, hostel or guest house to find that the advertised WiFi is almost non-existent. We’ve sat in crowded coffee shops trying to work but the shared router simply couldn’t cope with a number of coffee drinking users. We’ve been in countries where hotels have charged us ridiculous fees to use their WiFi connection.

With the Tep wireless device, you can eliminate all these WiFi issues and really be the ultimate digital nomad as you travel the world.

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In this Tep wireless review, we'll explain why the Tep wireless device is an essential travel tool for every digital nomad travelling the world.

This article was in partnership with Tep Wireless but all content and opinions are our own.

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