By Darren Griffiths

10 Top Places to Visit By Train in Europe

14th April 2023

Europe is known to have inherited the most beautiful and mesmerizing landscapes in the world. The diversity of the countries, cultures, traditions, people, food, language, and architecture prevail, attracting many tourists.

Travelling and exploring these countries via plane is very common and convenient, but exploring by train will give you an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

Today, we are going to suggest some amazing destinations in Europe that you can travel around via train.


Budapest Keleti railway station

Budapest Keleti railway station

If you are on your way to explore the beauty of the estates in Vienna with the direct rail links, or even around the Croatian coast of Zagreb, Budapest is one place that you must stop off at to experience its grandeur.

As well as the iconic ruin bars, the thermal pools are a fantastic stress reliever. There is tons to do in Budapest for all kinds of travellers, so this is one destination you should definitely add to your list.


Portugal and the eccentricity of this country don’t require a separate introduction. The train routes to the Lisbon Rossio Station provide a great start to an incredible trip. You’ll see vibrantly-coloured houses along the way that make for great photos. In the city, you can sample the delicious chorizo while listening to the local fado music.

There is plenty on offer for history buffs too, with ancient castles to get lost in.


switzerland train

Swiss highlands by train

It’s almost impossible to get bored in Switzerland. Taking the Chocolate train from Montreaux to Broc is an incredibly scenic journey, with views that are hard to beat anywhere in the world. The Orient Express holidays across Europe are known for their comfort and immaculate journey experience, and you just can’t beat this trip across Switzerland.

But it’s not just the views that will have your mouth watering; partake in some of the world’s best cheese and chocolate as you travel throughout the country.


If you’re in France, visiting Lyon is a must. It is well connected to London via Eurostar, with only a comfortable two-hour train ride to Paris or Marseille. Although the trip is a brief one, it’s still stunning, and you’ll enjoy a laidback vibe as you discover ancient, cobbled streets in this famous destination.

The Lyon market is one of the most popular sites to visit while you are there – and don’t forget to sample all the fantastic local food, paired with a cocktail or two!


Not so many people have heard of Graz, but it’s an intriguing addition to your Europe trip. If you’re heading from Vienna to Ljubljana, try to squeeze Graz into your itinerary. The old town holds a lot of historical significance.

Try and visit during June when they host the Spring festival.


scotland highlands train

Scotland highlands train

Take the Caledonian Sleeper Highland route from London to Scotland and trust us, you won’t regret it. The beauty is unrivalled, and you’ll be sad when the sun sets on those gorgeous views. However, you’ll soon be soothed to sleep by the gentle rocking of the train as it heads to the magnificent highlands of Scotland!


Spain has a fantastic rail system, making it easy and affordable for you to explore some of its most stunning spots. The Renfe network connects Valencia with many charming cities like Madrid, Seville, and Malaga, to name a few.

Spanish culture is vibrant, the food is outstanding, and the weather is pleasant. Travelling by rail, you’ll be treated to endless gorgeous panoramas as you head to your next dream destination.


Known for its gondola rides and unique architecture, Venice is yet another spot that you can visit via the rail in Europe. With direct connections to essential major cities like Florence and Milan, it’s simple to add it into your itinerary.

If possible, while you are there, ensure that you explore the islands in the lagoon and pick up some amazing Murano glass souvenirs.


Brussels central station

Bruges Central Station

Bruges is another spot you can journey to via a train without too much effort. The local rail networks pass through many convenient cities, making it easier for you to visit without creating a hole in your pocket. Although top attractions in Bruges can be a little crowded at times, there are plenty of authentic experiences to be had.

The cobbled lanes and the peaceful canals are as picturesque as they look on the postcards.


Last but not least on the list has to be Munich. The rail connectivity to the place is quite simply amazing. If you’re visiting during September, don’t miss out on the Oktoberfest. Additionally, visiting Hofbräuhaus for a stein is a must-do while in Munich.

Europe has top-class rail connectivity. If you want to truly experience the beauty of the places you plan on visiting, using the railways is the best option to see as much as possible in comfort and style. Not only is it fast and cheap, but it also offers one of a kind experience.