10 Reasons To Visit Portugal

29th March 2023

Wondering if Portugal is worth visiting? This incredible country has so much to offer. Apart from captivating cities, golden beaches, medieval castles, and cobblestone villages, you can take part in so many exciting activities and visit a bunch of fabulous places. There is a wide range of tours to Portugal, but make sure to pick the one that suits you best. Let’s find out why Portugal is worth visiting in the first place!

1 – Surfing

Portugal’s surf is a perfect place for both beginners and experienced surfers. If you are from the first team, you’d better visit Portugal in summer, between May and September. As the swells are less frequent and the waves are smaller. However, if you are an advanced surfer, visiting Portugal between September and April is a must. During the colder season, the swells are much more frequent and produce heavy waves, so you can fully appreciate the essence of surfing. 

2 – Sintra’s Fairytale

weekend in sintra

Have you ever dreamt about getting into a fairytale? While in Portugal, you have a chance to feel like a character from a fairytale if you visit a small town, called Sintra. Many places are worth visiting here, but if you are short of time, choose, recently named one of Portugal’s “Seven Wonders,” Pena Palace. This palace can be described as the perfect blend of many historical styles, from Moorish to Renaissance. Additionally, you can grasp not only the style of that era but also the atmosphere it carries.

3 – Music Festivals

In Portugal, every musical genre has its festival, from classical to electronic music, so be sure to find the festival that suits your music taste. And for a complete immersion in the local culture, most of the festivals are held in fabulous places, like castles and beaches. And as Portugal has a temperate climate year-round, there is no wrong time for visiting Portugal!

4 – Azores Island


Volcanoes are allied to the Azores, as the majority of the Portuguese volcanoes are found on this island. Visiting the Azores can surprise you in many ways. During your time here, you can admire the majesty of the Sete Cidades Massif, visit Pico island, which is the highest point in all of Portugal, and even take a risk and go down to the Algar do Carvão – an ancient lava tube. And as a cherry on the cake, the Azores also provide an opportunity to get to know the sea world a bit better. You can go diving to see the underwater world hiding beneath the waves or go whale-watching.

5 – Best aquarium in the world

Portugal is proud of its largest indoor Aquarium in Europe. Four permanent exhibits represent different habitats for many animals, including birds, fish, amphibians, and mammals. Visiting the Aquarium, you get to see not only the underwater world but also the recreated rainforest, Indo-Pacific coral reef, and Magellan penguins on ice.

6 – Various outdoor activities

Apart from the activities mentioned above, there are so many exciting and engaging activities to experience. Go on a hike, or if you are an adrenaline junkie, travel between two countries on a zip line. Sounds crazy? Then what about skydiving in the Alentejo with a minute of free-falling.

7 – Breathtaking nature

arrábida natural park lisbon-portugal

Portugal is full of natural wonders and amazing beaches. And the most obvious way to dive deep into the beauty of Portugal is by visiting its national parks. For instance, in Alvao Natural Park, you can see various landscapes and forests that coat the banks. There is also a Douro International Natural Park, located on the border with Spain. However, there are so many more parks to explore and admire the beauty of fabulous Portugal, add them to your travel agenda.

8 – Mouthwatering specialties and wine

If previous activities don’t convince you that going to Portugal is a great idea, then this one will surely do the job. What can be better than tasting local specialties with a glass of fine wine? Take a delicious gastro tour in Portugal and immerse into the local culture by tasting Caldo Verde, Torricado, Croquettes, or Bacalhau, and last but not least, take a glass of good wine, and enjoy the moment.

9 – The Algarve

things to do in lagos portugal cover

One of Portugal’s most dramatic and famous natural landmarks is the Benagil Cave. The best option to see the caves would be taking a boat trip. But there is more than just the Benagil sea cave to discover here – the whole coastline is stunning with an array of things to do in The Algarve

10 – The Furnas Lake

Furnas Lake, located over the eastern portion of three active volcanoes on the island, is one of the most picturesque spots in Portugal. Visiting it guarantees unforgettable memories and experiences to remember.

All in all, as you see, Portugal has so many reasons for visiting. Your Portugal itinerary can be quickly filled with exciting activities, fabulous places, and unique experiences. Don’t hesitate, grab a tour to Portugal, and make the most out of your trip to this corner of Iberia.