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10 Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka. Now!

Sri Lanka is a diverse and tropical island below the southern tip of India. Set up for all kinds of traveler types from the budget backpacker to the luxury holiday maker, Sri Lanka should be added to everyones travel bucket list. There are so many reasons to visit Sri Lanka. The country has much to offer…

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Northern Thailand Itinerary: The Best 7-Day Itinerary

Need a Northern Thailand itinerary for one week or more? Look no further. This 7-day Northern Thailand itinerary will guide you through some of the best destinations in the beautiful mountainous North – Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Chiang Dao, Doi Inthanon National Park & Pai. Day 1: Bangkok to Chiang Mai Your Northern Thailand itinerary starts…

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27 Awesome Portugal Photos to Inspire Your Vacation

Portugal is our favourite European country. It’s beautiful, warm, friendly, tasty, trendy, historic and inexpensive (when compared to the rest of western Europe). By following a tried and tested Portugal two week itinerary you’ll have just the right amount of time to visit the country’s highlights. But it’s also possible to squeeze them all in…

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13 Awesome Things To Do In Kowloon, Hong Kong

If you enjoy urban exploration then Kowloon, Hong Kong is for you. The centre of Hong Kong falls on the Hong Kong Island side but for us, Kowloon City is the most exciting part of the city. There are so many things to do in Kowloon so the area easily warrants a couple of days or…

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15 Best Things (Must Dos) to do in Lisbon

In the last few years, Portugal has become one of the most searched destinations for tourists from all over the world. Besides its natural beauty and history, this coastal country facing the Atlantic Ocean has one of the best climates in Europe in which temperatures are rarely below 5º C in winter. This is why…

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48 Hours in Barcelona Itinerary: The Best Bits and More

The Spanish capital, Barcelona is such a classic and 48 hours is way too short to explore the beauty of this city. Nevertheless, you can see a lot in two days in Barcelona if you plan well and follow our guide. I recommend you to stay close to whatever it is you want to see, so you…

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Mount Bromo Hike & Bromo Sunrise: Our DIY Guide

Java’s biggest tourist attraction is by far Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. When you’ve been travelling for as long as we have. it’s easy to think you’ve seen it all, but the epic landscape at Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park blew us away. It exceeded all our expectations. The highlight here is the Mount Bromo…

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The Best Coron Itinerary for Coron Island Hopping

If you’re planning a trip to the Philippines to explore the crystal clear waters, beaches and islands, no doubt you would have heard of Palawan. Currently, El Nido and it’s striking limestone rock formations pull in most of the tourists to this beautiful part of the Philippines, but over recent years, Coron Island is starting to…

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How To Get A Real Sak Yant Tattoo in Chiang Mai

It had been over a year since I first heard of Sak Yant tattoos and that it was possible to get my own in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As soon as I read about another blogger’s experience of getting a meaningful tattoo by a Buddhist monk I immediately fell in love with the idea. I already had…

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Our Trip to See the Pyramids of Giza - Take Our Advice

When most people think of Egypt, they think of the Great Pyramids of Giza. They’re an image that everyone is familiar with and that’s no surprise as being one of the Seven Wonders of the World. No trip to Egypt is complete until a visit to the pyramids has been undertaken. Our trip to see…

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10 Adrenaline Pumping Adventure Activities in Thailand

Thailand is a dream come true for every adventure lover out there. Its natural landscape and long coastline lends itself to tonnes of adrenaline pumping activities. From the popular bucket list items like skydiving and scuba diving to offbeat ones like a human slingshot and the emperor swing, you are spoilt for choice for your…

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Our Self-Drive Tuk Tuk Tour in Chiang Mai

I have to admit, driving a tuk tuk didn’t make it on our travel bucket list. We’ve been tuk tuk passengers hundreds of times in countries such as Thailand, India and Sri Lanka but not once did I watch the driver and crave to be in his seat. The lack of desire most likely came…

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Minimalist Packing Tips For Long Term Travel

So you’ve made the decision, you’re heading off on a big adventure to see the world. Your savings are coming along nicely and you’ve got your travel itinerary mapped out. Now to decide what you need to take with you. I’m going to admit, we were pretty clueless about what to pack for long term…

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House Sitting in London for Free Accommodation!

House Sitting in London is a godsend for full-time travelers and digital nomads like us. The cost of accommodation is always at the front of our minds when choosing which country to visit and how long that visit should last. When on the road, we pay a nightly rate, which in some countries can amount…

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Eurail Guide: 10 Things You Should Know Before Riding the Eurail

When we first started to plan for our 6-month backpacking trip, we knew we wanted to travel Europe by train.  Every travel site and travel blogger insisted that traveling Europe by Eurail was a must!  In our post, 4 Reasons to Travel Europe by Train, we spoke about the reasons why you should travel Europe…

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15 Digital Nomad Tools for Budget Conscious Travelers

Today there are more remote workers than ever before in history. People are leaving behind their traditional office jobs in search of adventure, and they’re bringing their work with them. Thankfully, technology is making travel easier. The rise of innovative apps is helping travelers streamline their life on the road. As a full-time traveler myself, I balance…

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6 Digital Nomad Hotspots You Need To Check Out

As a digital nomad, you literally have the keys to the world. In fact, the hardest part is choosing where to go next – especially when there’s so many options to pick from! Internet. Affordability. Meeting the right people. Tropical weather. These are all things you’ll want to think about… So how do you pick the perfect…

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Tep Wireless Review: Travel WiFi for Digital Nomads

As Digital Nomads and travellers, the availability and reliability of WiFi in the countries we travel to have become extremely important to us. We need to get online almost every day so access to a WiFi connection is something you’ll see us seeking regularly. Reading and replying to emails, updating social media, writing articles, research and editing photos are…

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Atlas Beach Club: One Destination for Everyone

Does your idea of the perfect Balinese vacation involve lazy days sipping Mai Tais by the pool and high-energy nights revelling at one of the world’s hottest nightclubs? Then, allow me to introduce you to the Atlas Beach Club! Situated on Jalan Pantai Berawa in Canggu, this fantastic holiday hotspot prides itself on being one…

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Investment Opportunities for Tourists in Malaysia

Malaysia is not just a tourist hotspot; it’s also a land of lucrative investment opportunities for tourists. Beyond enjoying the scenic beauty and cultural diversity, tourists can explore avenues like real estate and the stock market for potential investments. These opportunities not only offer financial returns but also allow tourists to have a deeper connection…

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Top 9 Casino/Gambling Destinations in Asia

Gambling has been a part of Asian culture for thousands of years. While it remains popular amongst natives, it has steadily become more tourist-orientated in recent years – particularly in countries like South Korea.  In this guide, we’ll identify the continent’s best gambling hotspots. From places you might not expect like Malaysia to famous casino…